When do showtimes become available?

Does anyone have a sense of how far in advance showtimes become available? My wife and I are going the second week of January, 2018 and would like to know when showtimes will be known so we can begin planning. Our last trip we didn’t really take showtimes into account when picking FP+ and would like to make sure we hit the shows we want while still optimizing our FP+. Thanks!

What kind of shows are you looking for?

I’m thinking about the non-major shows. For example, right now touring plans has showtimes for January 15th for Fantasmic, but none of the other shows at Hollywood studios (e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones, etc.). Maybe times for these shows won’t factor too much into our decisions, but it would be nice to know and we’re anxious to get planning! No big deal, just curious.

I haven’t checked January 2018, but I do see show times for a plan I’m working on in March 2018. I have the Frozen Sing-Along, Jedi Training, Beauty and the Beast, and Indiana Jones listed. I’m not sure how accurate they are this far out, though.