When do on-property perks start?

My question is similar to one asked previously, but since it was 4 years ago, I imagine the answer will have changed.

We will be staying near Orlando for one week and want to do WDW for 2 or 3 of those days. We would like to stay in one of the Boardwalk area resorts in order to get early entry on those days, and be able to walk to Epcot and HS.

If we make a reservation for Beach Club, for example, starting on the Monday and checking out on Wednesday, would we be able to do early entry even though we won’t be checking in until the afternoon? Or would our early entry privileges begin on Tuesday?

Also, what constitutes a travel “party”? If three of us are staying on property and can make individual LLs for Rise of the Resistance, can we include the other three who might stay behind at the house instead of moving over to the resort? What constitutes a “party”? Everyone on the same park pass reservation? Or everyone staying in the same hotel? Both? Neither?

Thanks to anyone with some insight!

Your perks are good from the morning of check-in - even if you have not actually gone to resort - through 1159pm on day of check-out

Travel party for perks includes only on-site guests. You will not be able to include your offsite guests for the perks.


Note, they don’t have to physically stay IN the room, but they would need to be listed on the room reservation for on site perks.


Yes… if your room has the capacity for more people you can just add their names and they’d get the same perks as if they actually slept there.

If you do online check-in then everyone named on the reservation will have early entry as long as their tickets are properly linked to that reservation. They never even have to go there.


Although note that if you go beyond 2 adults, there is a charge for each extra adult. Want to say it is $15 per extra, but it might be a sliding scale and $15 at the Value and $25 at the Deluxes. If you were adding bonus adults, you wouldn’t want to be surprised by the extra cost.


But know there is an upcharge when there are more than 2 adults in a room. If you add them it will change the cost of the room slightly (Note: does not apply to DVC)

And also if you have a vacation package you can’t simply add them as all members on a vacation package reservation must have the same components. I would assume the offsite folks have tickets. If you add them to your vacation package reservation and you have tickets as part of that package, they would have to add tickets as well.

If you have a room only reservation, you can simply add them and pay the upcharge if it’s not a DVC reservation


Oh, I should have just said “Ditto”

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I thought I read that they were renting points.

Oh did we. That’s so many hours ago by now :smiley:

I did not scroll back up to revisit that detail

Have just had a moment to re-read OP and there isn’t any mention of DVC. They mentioned a reservation at BC but no designation as hotel side or DVC


ohh this is interesting, never even thought about this!