When do I stop optimizing?

Hi everyone! I thought I had all my FPs and plans figured out but realized I kind of wasn’t using the app perhaps fully/correctly. I had my custom plans done and was successful in getting most of my FP’s at the times the Lines app told me to but I never actually entered the FPs I had into the app after I got and optimize it. I figured this out two days ago (we’re going in two weeks) and I’ve optimized the plans a few times and it keeps changing some of my FP’s (I would get one according to the time told, and then when optimized, it would tell me the ride didn’t need it and re-shift rides around leading to an obsolete FP. I’m afraid if I delete that FP and choose another and optimize it again…it’ll just mess up the FP’s again). Why does it keep re-shifting my rides and FPs? THanks!

If you’ve already got your FPP and don’t want to change anything I think you have to just evaluate.

Ah okay…ha ha…I keep optimizing and things shift and then I’m back into trying to find new FP times and it’s a vicious cycle

Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to deal with this.

And the answer to your question is never. Never stop optimizing - there is always a better plan out there that will shave 1 minute off your wait times. :slight_smile:


It should stabilise about 2 weeks out. At this point you can still get changes but they should be minimal. As ^^^Evaluate is now your friend instead if optimise