When do Fastpass+ reservations run out for 7DMT?

Anyone from the stats team? How far in advance do Fastpass+ reservations run out for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

Paging @staff for a little help.

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We're looking in to this.

In the meantime, here's an answer to a related question about park hopping between Epcot and the MK, as to which park you should go to first (and thus, which attractions are harder to get for FP+). This info is from our statistician, @SteveBloom:

7DMT: At park opening there is less than 4% chance of any specific return window would be available. By 11:00 there is 1% chance if getting a specific return window. By 2pm all FP+ are gone.

Soarin': At park opening there is a 50-80% chance of any specific return window. At 11AM, there is a ~50% chance of having FP+ after 6pm. By 3pm there is a 25% chance of FP+ after 8pm would be available. By 5pm most all FP+ are gone.

Test Track: Similar pattern as Soarin', but the FP+ run out quicker. By 4pm most all FP+ are gone.


Thanks for the info @len. Nice to know there's at least a chance to get a late 4th FPP for TT or Soarin'.

@len @lentesta TP used to post paper FP availability tables. I believe they were even published in the back of the UG if I'm not mistaken. It had times for when each type of FP would be gone for each crowd level.

Will these types of stats be available on the crowd calendars or in personalized TPs at some point? This would be super-valuable info to have when planning FPPs. Thanks!

@Lentesta That's very helpful. Id love more info like this!

Yeah. We have these charts now for MK FPP day-of availability. We may bring them back.

Yes, YES! BRING THEM BACK!!! Awesomeness!!