When do Christmas decorations at resorts come down?

We are visiting for NYE. Will decorations still be up in the resorts? Having a late lunch at WL and hoping to enjoy all the monorail resorts before watching the 6pm fireworks from the Contemporary.

They’ll still be up for NYE everywhere (parks and resorts) except Epcot.

But they’ll start coming down at the resorts on the 1st or 2nd typically.

Parks are trickier to plan for. When marathon weekend is the one after NY, they usually leave at least MK decorated until then. But I think they’ve pushed marathon weekend back a week, and I can’t imagine they’ll want decorations still up then.

By the way, as well as WL and the monorail resorts, you really should try to see BC and YC. They are way better than the Poly and Contemporary. BC is my absolute favourite, even beats the GF for me.

Why not Epcot?

Because they have to get something like six party stages set up around WS, plus a gazillion food and drink stalls set up.

All the Christmas stuff finishes on the 30th at Epcot, including the story-tellers.

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Thanks for explaining, I’ve never been at Christmas - and never will but I’m nosy!

I was there last January and WL was still decorated on Monday 1/7 , I actually had lunch there. Marathon weekend was the 10th-13th


On January 2nd, we checked into the Contemporary Resort and got to see them taking down the Christmas decorations in the resort. In the morning, no signs of the holidays in CR. Started going to parks the next day, MK still had decorations up but no special activities, AK or Epcot were cleared of decorations by January 4th. HS was the only park still in full holiday mode on January 6th with decorations, music, activities.

I was at AKL for Marathon Weekend this year. The decorations were up in both Kidani and Jambo one night, gone the next morning. I usually get to see them at AKL over marathon weekend, so maybe those resorts are last on the list.

Lol, I was in Kidani for Marathon weekend. Maybe I saw you…

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I actually just came here to ask this question as well. I know at Disneyland they have a set date, with January 6th being the last day. But I have yet to find any clear cut info for wdw. The jingle bell jingle jam runs through the 5th. I have also heard multiple sources state they slowly start coming down and are pretty much done after the marathon weekend. I would imagine there would still be plenty of decorations right after new years , but I could be wrong, havent done wdw for the holidays yet.