When do additional FPPs drop when park hours change?

October hours were just finalized/modified. On some days, an extra hour was added at night. Does Disney usually drop FPP for the extra hours (esp. if at night), and if so, when does that usually happen?

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Yes, they will release more FPs for that hour.

Expect it to happen from 24-48 hours after the park hours are extended.

Good luck! What park(s) are affected for you?


Thanks for the heads up!!!

Thanks! The only change that really affects me is the additional hour now on Oct. 22 when we are going to be viewing HEA from the Garden Party. It’s now a 10 pm closing time instead of 9 pm. We were going to be arriving around 7 after naptime following EP earlier in the day. We have some extra CL FPP that I could shift to 9 pm, but maybe I’m better off just trying to get same day FPP and start using them earlier.

I wish the hours change had given us an extra hour in the morning on Oct. 21 which is our morning at MK, but none of the a.m. hours were changed for our dates, darn it!

Even though the park is open later, the time of HEA is very unlikely to move. I wouldn’t move any FPs to 9pm.

I agree. It seems that extending closing time for an hour might only help ease the rush to leave after fireworks since some people may stick around for a little while more.