When do 2020 tickets go on sale?

I can’t seem to find any threads here or articles online that state when tickets get released for the following year. I plan to go January 2020.

Technically, some of the 2020 tickets are already on sale. I’m not sure about tickets purchased directly from Universal, as I’ve never done that, but tickets purchased from Undercover Tourist and I’d assume other official discount sellers expire one year from order date. I have tickets which I purchased earlier this year for my trip next week that expire in February 2020.

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Unless you get promo tickets, tickets are good for 365 days. (I asked Undercover Tourist specifically.)

On their site, they list the expiration date for promo tickets.

What this means is, you can get tickets for January now…BUT you might miss out on some of their Promo savings.


I’m going around the same time as you and I plan to wait until Black Friday. Last year they had some great deals on all their tickets at UT. I hate waiting until November, but unless there’s a big sale before that, the savings will be worth it.

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What about the Stay and Play Vacation Packages or the Stay More Save More Vacation Package? Do you know when they will go on sale for 2020?

I’m not sure, but 2020 price come out on June 18.