When did your resort payment hit your credit card?

Good Morning Liners! We just returned from another Magical trip, even with the higher (cheer) crowds, long lasting thunderstorms and ride closures. :heart_eyes: This was our first trip since WDW resorts changed their credit card policy to holding $100.00 on your card at all times. My question is, after your trip was over, how long did it take for your final resort charges to show up on your credit card (after all pending holds dropped off)? We had some crazy activity showing up and I just wanted to make sure this was normal. I am going crazy trying to close out my Disney budget and cannot complete this process until I can pay my credit card. LOL

It’s funny, I was just having this conversation with DH. We got back on Thursday and the activity on my card wasn’t matching what was on my bill. But I just checked today and it does. So, for us, it was a couple of days after we got back that the credit card statement is now “final”

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Interesting. We got back on Thursday as well and as of right now, nothing is matching up. I guess I will give it a few more days to see what happens. :roll_eyes:

If we avoid using our Magic Bands to charge anything to the room, will we avoid all but that initial $100 hold?

Yes. If you’re not charging anything, they won’t charge you anything.


Just checked out from POR Friday (first visit since 2011). I am experiencing the same thing. Good thing a payment on my credit card it’s due for awhile.

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