When did Sci-Fi become the ADR that is tough to get?

On my 180 day - I was able to get all the tough ones (CP, BOG, O’Hana, Garden Grill, etc…however, I can’t get Sci-Fi 12/2 or 12/4 - crazy…I am patiently using the TP reservation finder and of course checking daily myself…crazy SCI-FI is this difficult…

I found this for my trip in July too - options were very limited even 180 days ahead! But I stayed patient and check a few times and just 2 weeks ago managed to find a perfect reservation that fit our plans in the end. I’m sure something will come up.

I was wondering the same thing. I was able to get an ADR but it’s for 4pm. Not exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been checking every day. A few years ago I had no trouble getting a same day reservation for 10 people

I think HS has gotten a little more popular, in general, and there are more attractions that people are excited for (the Frozen show, and all of the new Star Wars shows, characters, etc) so more people are likely to spend a full day there which means more of the people in the park are wanting a sit-down meal. I’m not sure the Sci-Fi is THE one, either… as of right now for 168 days from today there is nothing at all for a party of 4 at dinner except HBD (lots of times) or Mama Melrose’s at 4:25.