When did calendars change? (Update)

I remember hearing the October hours changed awhile ago. I am wondering exactly when that was. If November hours might change I want to keep on top of it.
And I am assuming if I open the link to the travel agent hours for that month that it will pull up the latest hours. Or is that wrong since it is a pdf?
I am really hoping a second Fantasmic might be added to Nov. 2nd - 6:30 is so early when you won’t have kids with you.

Here is a good guide in when WDW adjusts the calendars http://blog.touringplans.com/2011/07/18/interpreting-park-hours/

Also, the TA calendars tend to be the most up-to-date (except for “day of” changes, of course), and they have an updated date at the bottom of each page.


I just refresh the TA calendar PDF link once or twice a week and look at the date updated. I would not expect a second fantasmic show. November is pretty much single show territory. But you can always hope!


Thanks! So what type of changes do they usually make that close? Just later closing time or something else?
Thank you both!

The other thing I am hoping for is extended hours at MK on 11/3. Would love it if they close at 10 or later, instead of 9, on our last night. Fingers crossed.

You know this version vs the first version that came out back in April or so is different like this: HS added hours. MK and Ak too. A day or two of EMH might have flipped I can’t recall. A few nights had no F! Now have a show. NO idea if or what they’ll extend. Hoping to see some more 10p nights myself!


Where can I find park hours for October?


@Queen_bee just FYI any time you want to locate a future month do “month year Disney world operating schedule” and google it and the PDF link will always pop up first. :wink:

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A 2nd Fantasmic was added for our HS evening (11/2)!!! Now, we can get to HS a little later and see the 8pm show, not the 6:30 one. Hooray!
What time would you line up for the 8pm? Park closes at 7:30 but with 2 hr EMH.