When can we see prices and availability for after 12/31/22?

I’m trying to price how much certain hotels will be for our 2 trips early next year. Currently, WDW does not let you “arrive” after 12/31/22. I even checked on expedia for specific Disney resorts and if I use a Jan 2023 date for arrival the resorts are listed as “sold out”. However, they have prices for plenty of alternatives so wanting this information isn’t unreasonable. It’s frustrating.

Does anyone know when Disney starts to allow for Jan arrivals? Do TAs have better access?

I’ve been “playing” what if with the dates I have access to but that’s not helpful if I don’t know what the rate is for the time I want to be there.

How does anyone plan for a Jan WDW trip if they aren’t staying DVC? Thanks.

Package pricing will be released - based on history - sometime around mid to late June

Room only pricing can be found primarily by calling.

I may be able to use my magical powers to look into the future without calling though… Please hold


I can do that. Which resort and what specific dates can I capture for you?

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Thank you!!! Magic powers are awesome!!

AKL savanna view (non DVC) 1/29 to 2/3
POFQ same dates

Then Contemporary 3/26 to 4/6 and Coronado Springs for the same dates.


Oh. I can’t go out that far

I can only see a few weeks into January, and it stops before 1/29 because there’s a max number of nights (30)

You’ll have to call, unfortunately :frowning:

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No worries. Now I have an answer which makes me happy! You were wonderful to check for me!!!

I will call at some point, I just wish I could do it on line now. lol.

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