When can we expect AK predicted hours to change?

With the announcement of the new AK evening activities and park hours, when can we expect the crowd calendars to change to reflect the new late closing times?

Crowd calendars are based on history and there is no history here… I’m curious whether/how they will make any such predictions

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I looked at FPs today 30 days out and there seemed to be a good selection. I wonder if it will take a while for there to be an impact? This will be interesting to follow.

Yeah that was sort of my point. I would assume that since Disney said the late evenings would be the new standard here on out, that my predicted AK closing time in May 2017 isn’t really going to be 6pm.

TP should update the hours as Disney officially releases them. It may take them a day or two to get it done. CLs and wait times will be pure guesswork until some actual data is available.

May 2017? I think that will be a while.

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They predict park hours 365 days in advance, so probably not a while.