When can I make my 60 days out fpp ressies

I arrive at POFQ on 9/24/14. When does my fpp window open? Tonight at midnight? Or tomorrow at midnight?

Think 60 days for you will be 7/26/14 which is midnight tomorrow. Oddly, I'm pretty sure ADR's are made at 180 (+ 10) at 6am. Check this out: http://pscalculator.net/allearsnet/pscalcae.php

I check in on the 23rd and my FPP is tonight at midnight, so your's would be tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it's a smooth process for both of us!

eta: FPP was super easy tonight! Got everything we wanted at great times. Availability opened at about 12:10et, which is earlier than it did yesterday so I was happy about that. We weren't looking for Anna and Elsa but I noticed there were some available later in our stay. I also completed on-line check in without any issues. Good luck tomorrow!

Thanks! Glad to hear your process was smooth. I am hoping for A&E for DD4, Wondering with all the demand if I am better to split the group and have DD4 and I go to meet A&E and have DS6 and DH go to a different activity. Any thoughts?


We check into POP on the 24th and I hope I am right in thinking I can make my FPP selections in about 5 minutes.

made mine just after midnight last night. Check!