When are tour schedules available?

I noticed that the Wild Africa Trek is scheduled through the end of 2018. Anyone have any idea of when to expect the schedule for May 2019 to open up? (DH and I are thinking about doing a splurge for our anniversary.)

Also, my DH has been lucky enough to actually go on safari in Africa many, many moons ago. (His dad worked in conservation and they traveled to all sorts of awesome places when he was a kid related to that. I’m frequently envious!) We’re a little hesitant to spend so much, worried that DH won’t necessarily enjoy it that much. Thoughts?

I was able to book Wild Africa Trek when I did my dining reservations at 180 days.

I have not been to Africa, but as a Disney enthusiast, I was excited to learn a little about the Disney magic they use on the Safari ride. For example, I was incredibly surprised that (some of the) animals can just wander around freely. I just assumed the giraffes were just stuck in a small area with some sort of invisible fence or something.

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That’s why they don’t have lions on the AKL savannas :joy:

And it’s why the ever so cute (especially the babies) red river hogs are on a smaller savanna over in Kidani, with just a couple of other species I think. Because they’re not quite so cute in real life, they’re pretty bad tempered lol!