When are park hours released for September

I am staying onsite, and apparently can make dining reservations 180 in advance.

Am looking at lots of menus and restaurants, but don’t know if I should completely skip Magic Kingdom Restaurants as I am worried about a Halloween event taking place that we will not have tickets for. 'We are not arriving until September, so there are no definite hours released yet for each park… so I cannot tell for sure which parks are offering EMH or which restaurant to book. This is making is hard for me to do some sort of planning.

Is MK the only park that has the Halloween events. Am I safe to book the restaurants at the other 3 parks?

Yes MK is the only park to offer hard ticketed Halloween events. I think the dates are usually announced in June or July, but park hours should be released sooner than that

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If I’m correct, I believe it was mid February last year