When are Christmas decorations up?

I’m planning a trip to WDW in November or December. It looks like many of the parks’ Christmas decorations are up through both months. Does anyone know when the resorts put up their decorations? I’m thinking of traveling before Thanksgiving, because December is hard for me, but not sure that’s a good choice. Thanks in advance for responses.

They go up pretty quickly right after Halloween. Was there early nov this past year. Parks were decorated. Resorts had just started. Resorts definitely by thanksgiving. I was there Dec 3-10 2013 and they were all up.

And by quickly, @DarthDopey means quickly.

Swapping Out Halloween for Christmas

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The first decorations at MK go up overnight. The rest of the parks and resorts take a couple of weeks to be completely done.

I was there the week before Thanksgiving this past year and the parks appeared to be fully decorated. The resort decorations were going up the week we were there. Safe bet that EVERYTHING will be up by Thanksgiving.