When and Why do you extend your stay?

Wondering how the organization works when we start a new topic from previous discussion.

I have a problem with extending / arriving early for almost every WDW trip I plan. Does this happen to you and what are your criteria for doing it? Good deal on flights? Other Liners coming to WDW? Resort availability or special events?

I added a day before my Sept trip because I found airfare for $80 pp one way. I added onto my May trip for Liners and the 24 hour day.

I always seem to have to add days onto the end of trips. Either cheaper airfare, or an event pops up that I want to be there for.

Or ME, MAGICMN and KELI first weekend in Aug!!! DO IT @MrTomMorrow

Do what? @MDU

Did it. @MDU

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Like I should add more people to Harambe Nights Sat the 2nd “did it”?

Sorry, but no. I really appreciate the offer though.

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Ive only added a day once. We were flying out Easter week and it was cheaper to fly out the day before Good Friday.

I added days on both of our trips b/c I made touring plans and realized that what we wanted to accomplish realistically couldn’t be done within the time frame booked. So I can thank TP for our extra days!! :smile:

I ended up adding 2 days last year because delta kept changing my flights, and not for the better.

We drive to WDW a lot, so we often end up arriving earlier than expected. We added a day on to our week stay at CR recently. Added a glorious night at WL!

I had added a few days to the front of my trip a few years ago in May. Glad I did because it rained the last 9 days of our trip. I really want to add another couple days to our Sept trip but my DD12 is taking some accelerated classes this year and I don’t want the trip to be a downer when she returns and has hours of hard work to catch up on. Reality can be such a pain sometimes!