When and Where to buy Tickets for July Park Visit

Ill be in Orlando July 13-20 and we want a one day visit to Universal Studios. Planning on buying 1 Day - 2 Park tickets, and when in the park, well decide if we buy the Unlimited Express pass (depends on crowds). My question is where and when should I buy tickets for a July 17 park visit? I don’t want to have to stand in line to wait to get my tickets, I want to buy them in advance and be able to go right to the park entrance gate when we get to the park that morning. We plan on getting there early so we’re in front of the crowd.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I would check out Undercover Tourist but I am unsure if there are any one day discounted

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The date you are going, for a single day, puts you at “Regular” ticket price (as opposed to Value or Anytime ticket).

UT prices out an adult ticket at $183, as compared to $191 from Universal directly.

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Thanks. If I buy from Undercover Tourist, do they actually sell me a ticket that I have in my hand immediately and can directly access the park? Meaning it’s not a voucher that I use to stand in line at the ticket counter at Universal and wait in line to get a ticket?

Yes. You can have them send you a physical ticket, OR an E-Ticket. But in either case, there is no needing to wait. You go straight to the gate.

I’ve used them for years, both for Universal and Disney. In fact, I just bought all our tickets for BOTH of our trips next year through them (Universal and Disney).


I have always requested physical tickets from them too.

Every trip I’ve had, I’ve gotten physical tickets as well. However, on my last trip, I added one more ticket for someone in our party, and it was too late for a physical ticket. However, they email it, and we printed it out, and used it to scan in just fine. Once inside, we went to guest relations (no line), and they exchanged it for a physical ticket, even printed their name on it if I recall.