When a resort reopens - does it's dining reopen too?

Hi All! Thank you to everyone who has answered my questions thus far. One more - typically when a resort reopens, do you see most of the dining in that resort reopen too? If you have an article about this please send it my way. I have been doing some research but haven’t found the answer so I figured I’d ask the experts.

Really I am theorizing if other resorts opened their dining, maybe WL will too! I’m really hoping for the Story Book dining to open. Also is the Territory Lounge open?

Thank you!

They open some but not all dining.

Cape May @ Beach Club is not open, for example. Since Story Book was a character meal it’s less likely it’ll open, especially since Whispering Canyon is open.

Territory Lounge was open over Easter for some of the time but I don’t think it was before. It’s showing as open from 4-10/11pm until Sunday 11th April but no hours after that.

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It has been, here and there. Very spotty. Not at all predictable in the longer term.

I feel like the dining thing has been a bit variable. Like they are sure to open at least a QS and a TS (where applicable) but beyond that it seems inconsistent.



I don’t think there’s a TS open at Saratoga, even over Easter.


There was literally nothing except the pool open at Jambo House when we were there in October. We had to take a shuttle to Kidani for everything. Apparently they’ve just recently starting having The Mara QS open for limited hours.

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Thank you all for your replies. I guess I just have to wait & see.