Wheelchair Wanderings in the World-A Pretrip Trip Report!

Congrats! Hopefully the trip delay will help make it even better!

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Current status of things…our DD and DGS are both still doing very well. DGS Kylo is now up to 5 pounds, sleeping in a “normal” crib, and off oxygen! Hopefully he will be going home with DD in just a couple weeks (or less!) Also, DS has started his physical therapy with his last session being 2 days before we hit the road for Florida. To celebrate all of this, we added yet another night to our trip. Instead of the 5 nights we were going to do in June, we are now staying 7 nights at AKL!! Can’t wait! I’ll update plans soon! :blush:


Aw that’s lovely news!

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Thank you for the update! I’m glad everyone’s progressing well.

That’s so cool - a full week at AKL. With a great view, it might be difficult to leave the resort.



Planning questions…

Our first full day we are planning HS from late morning to mid afternoon with a Star Wars only emphasis; we will have another HS day for everything else there. We are going to then hop over to EPCOT for later afternoon/deluxe evening hours. At 7am, I plan to book things in this order:
ROTR ILL for 12:15-1:15
GOTG ILL for 4:15-5:15
MFSR for 12:30-1:30

What should I book at 11:00? Should I try to snag FEA for later in the evening or should I book Star Tours hoping for an immediate return time and then try for FEA after tapping into ST? Also, does the above booking order look like the best order?

  • Edited to add that we’re hoping to catch a Remy LL using drop times later at Epcot
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Hey Jeff - can you let me know where that ECV thread is? I am having a hard time finding it… thanks!

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I don’t think there is one! I was saying you should create a new one.

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