What's your TSL strategy?

TSL opens on 30 June. I will be at WDW on 30 June, 1 July and the first half of 2 July.

I definitely want to at least walk round TSL. I really want to ride TSMM, and it would be great to ride Slinky. Alien Saucers might be cool.

But I don’t want to sacrifice too much of my holiday in pursuit of all this. And — sorry — I’m just not a rope-dropping kind of a guy.

My current plan is this. Visit TSL on opening day, arriving at about 1pm and staying till close at 11pm. I have an ADR for HBD and I plan on watching Fantasmic. I’d like to ride TOT and RNR.

I’m not planning on visiting on either of my other two days after TSL opens.

Were FPPs available for FOP on opening day? Was there a huge queue just to walk around Pandora on opening day?

Is it worth booking a cheap room five days earlier than opening day, so that I can shoot for FPPs 65 days in advance?

Do you have a plan?

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I’ve been following all of your planning post (and sometimes adding my opinion to the mix). Sadly, I think it will be impossible to even form a strategy until Disney announces the FPP structure - or if they’ll even be available for TSL the first week or so (although I believe they will be).

In the absence of FPPs, getting to RD 2 hours early and following (hopefully leading )the herd directly to TSL may be the only way to avoid hours-long SB lines. Also, if it is the official opening day, there may be some sort of ceremony before they cut the ribbon and allow people in.

Keep in mind that there are many local fanatics who have to go the first day it’s open. Hopefully many of them will have gone to the various previews, but there will definitely be a first day bolus of people that is larger than even the second day it’s open.

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