Whats your strategy been?

Hey Liners,
I’ve been paying close attention to the RoTR information and strategy for boarding groups etc and I feel pretty comfortable with the information for next months trip.
I want to know the best plans for after you’re assigned a BG. I have an evening Slinky Dog pass, and star tours and frozen in the morning. Are people usually heading right to MFSR? I’ve been noticing that the lines for it seem a little less long later in the day. Should we wait for the afternoon to head there or go at RD? Also we want to try to get to Tot as well.
Traveling with a 6 year old and we aren’t people who will wait two hrs in line for anything so I definitely want a plan.
PS I’m trying to modify my SDD for earlier but having no success.


My strategy in general was to rope drop one attraction and have FPP used up as early as possible to try to get fourth and beyond FPP. Tried to plan medium-wait rides in between. Not sure when you are going but we were there in CL10 so everything after the first RD ride had long lines. Get there early if you want to RD MFSR or SDD to be at front of line. We didn’t do many shows but generally they can be fit in between FPP rides also since they rarely need FPP. Good luck!

Another thing I planned was not to have two ADR or other reservations (Savi’s, Oga’s, Jedi training) back to back in case ROTR window opened at that time. Tried to leave blocks of flexible time throughout the day.

So unfortunately I can’t find an earlier SDD than 6:45 pm. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to get a morning one. Thinking of heading to either to ToT at rope drop and then to TSMM or vice versa and then trying to fit in MFSR a little bit after. Hubby and I may just split up at times with our daughter so we can each ride it single rider so we can both experience it. I don’t think my daughter will care either way.
It’s really hard to predict this day at HS

I am no help in that this will be my first trip, so have no advice lol. But we have the exact same FP situation (625 SDD and frozen singalong and star tours in the morning). I asked a very similar question recently, and got sort of mixed responses (which literally all made sense on their own!).

I am still hopeful they will move park opening to 8, and then we will be able to move our SDD FP to the morning. If we’re able to do that we’re going to go in the morning, try to do TSM and ASS at rope drop (or if it’s really busy, at least one of those), do our fast passes and then maybe head back to our hotel (via skyliner) while it’s super busy. Then try to get a same day drop for something decent while we’re back at the hotel, and come back for a couple hours in the evening, and hopefully enjoy the park a tad less busy.

If we can’t move SDD up, we’re going to see how we feel, if we’re energetic then we’ll get up and do a few things in the morning, but if we’re feeling like we could use a rest then just plan on going mid afternoon. From the looks of it, wait times are pretty decent for the end of the night!

This is what I have been trying to figure out with my HS day which is coming up next month also, the booking of reservations around the time of hopefully riding RotR which will, of course, be unknown. How big a flexible gap would you suggest between each thing? I have 2 activity reservations (Savi’s and Oga’s) and an ADR alongside my regular FPs to fit in and once you start to space them out the day fills up quite quickly.

I tried to leave at least an hour space between each scheduled activity. Savi’s took about 30 minutes, Oga’s told us we had 45 minutes max in the place and we waited about 10-15 minutes to get in so about an hour total. I left a couple of 1-2 hour blocks open and figured we would do MFSR during one and ROTR during another.

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Sounds good. I will adapt accordingly, thanks.

So we just got back, did RotR on our first day, Jan 2. Arrived at HS around 6:25ish and tapped in by 6:50. Huddled with the huge crowd on the main drag, waiting for 7:00am, got bg 86. (Person next to me got 15! I was slightly delayed because my app didn’t update that we were in-park quickly enough.) We got called at 12:50, when we went the ride was down (glad we weren’t already in line!!) so they told us we could return anytime. Went back around 3:00 (would have been just outside our 2 hour window) and basically walked on.

As to the strategy question, we tried to go straight to GE, but as we were at the “back” of the RD crowd, that was pointless. MF was quickly up to a 120 minute posted wait before we could get to it. We putzed around in GE a while and ate breakfast, then made our way over to Toy Story Land. Rode ASS with about a 25 minute wait. I wish we had gone STRAIGHT to TSL, because I was looking at the app and believe we could have done ASS AND TSM quickly if we had gone straight there. (We had a FP for SDD later in the week, and TOT later in the day). So if you want to get to MF from RD, then you need to be to HS VERY early, to be in the front of the RD crowd. If only trying to get a BG for RotR, then just make sure you are tapped in a few minutes before park opens.

Later we did ride MF via single rider, about a 25 minute wait. Glad we got to ride it, but we were all engineers so not the greatest view.

That day was very high crowds, so I had little luck with extra fastpasses. However on our 2nd HS day, after our initial 3, I worked the app after our initial 3, and got a R&R and then a TOT, all done before we had to leave at 4pm for a dinner reservation at Sanaa!