What's your new favorite place to watch Wishes?

With construction walls up at the central hub, what’s your new favorite place to watch the evening fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, and why? (You may be quoted in an upcoming book, so leave the usual “a mom of 2.3 kids from Duluth, MN” tag at the end of your comment.) Thanks!

If I’m taking pictures or want a traditional view: the “hump”
If I want low crowds and just to watch fireworks, frontierland. If I want a surround sound feel, fantasyland.“a mom of 2.3 kids from Duluth, MN” or dad of 1 from OKC

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We really liked watching Wishes from Fantasyland for the magical feel of fireworks going off all around us. The music does play back there and you can find seats 10 minutes before with MUCH more elbow room. However, be aware that it’s far nosier, with loud BANGS audible almost above the music. Plus moving your head around to see all the fireworks so much you’ll have a sore neck!

The finale with fireworks coming from all around you that almost lights up the dark Fantasyland is totally worth it though. A must try at least once.

20 y/o from London,England

I’ve watched it from the 4th floor terrace of the CR and it was nice not having to be shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the park visitors. No admission needed too. I’ve heard that the center dock at the TTC is a great viewing spot as well and am eager to try this on our next visit in the spring.

Fantasyland just in between the exit for Peter Pan and Pinnochios. We love the loudness and you are surrounded by a sky full of fireworks. We stand in the middle. We call it sideways fireworks!
Mum of 2 Kids from Toronto

“The FPP viewing area in the Rose Garden is very nice because you can get there 15 min before show time and still find a good place to watch without being in shoulder to shoulder crowds; there is even grass to sit on. Only downside is that the angle is off-center, so you don’t get the “pretty pictures” of the fireworks being “over” the castle. The 2nd floor of the Main Street train station gives a very nice wide view, and makes getting out of the park at the end of the show much easier” - 55 year old guy from Pensacola.

Where is the “hump?”