What's your favourite restaurant?

What would be your personal favourite 1-credit TS restaurant for a late lunch after leaving MK? I’d like something we can walk to or use a boat (for the novelty). And bonus points if it’s one of the resorts with good Christmas decorations. Thanks for your opinions. :slight_smile:

We love Ohana out of the monorail resorts. I am not sure if it’s open for lunch?

Christmas? How about Grand Floridian Cafe?

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Ohaha dinner starts at 3 so it’s a definite late-lunch option! As long as the res finder works me a miracle. :wink:

Do you like the food? I’ve never been to any of the resort restaurants. I definitely want to visit the GF to see the lobby, so that’s a chance to do two things at once.

I know people love O’hana. But we didn’t like it. We felt rushed and the food was meh. We were a party of 7. They came through once and “dumped” our food. We felt that they gave us too much food too fast and it got cold. And we literally had to flagged down a server to get any attention. We enjoyed the bread, noodles, broccoli, and wings. But the meats off the grill were dry and tough. So, it was once and done for us.

This next trip, I’m looking forward to Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian. I think we will be there for the leisure more than the quality/quantity of food. It is a TS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_VFwO0VQpA

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I would suggest The Wave at the Contemporary. It is an easy walk and the food is good. I know I am in the minority but I think the food at Ohana is ok, not great. Also if you want to ride the Monorail how about Citricos I have never been disappointed there.


I wanted to chime in that we really enjoyed The Wave too. The food was fantastic, they have a real, regular bar (so not just the super sweet cocktails you get most places) and it felt less chaotic than 'Ohana. Plus, it was so nice that you can walk there from MK.


The Christmas decor at GF is definitely worth seeing! GFC has good food and great service.

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You also can’t beat wilderness lodge at Christmas. Maybe try whispering canyon cafe if you are up for some antics.

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If you are on the Dining Plan … O’hana is good use of a credit.
If you’re paying cash, I’d go with the less expensive Trails End at Ft Wilderness.
Take a cool boat ride from MK to Ft Wilderness. Its right off the docks.

Comfort camping style food, buffet. Very low key. Much less than O’hana.

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Yes! It is a hidden gem.

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I would be careful regarding restaurants offering a late lunch. I know Whispering Canyon closes for a couple of hours and Ohana opens around 3:30 for dinner?

Antics? Tell me more!

The Wave has excellent food, is a short walk from MK, and you will have one of the Gingerbread houses to see up on the Concourse.

I would avoid Kona at the Poly. Both times our family has gone, the service has been extremely slow even by WDW standards and the food was subpar.

I have no recommendations for Grand Floridian. (ETA: Because we’ve only done the Character Breakfast and eaten at the QS restaurant here.)

Wilderness Lodge is a boat ride away and Whispering Canyon Cafe is fun and has good food but it is loud.

For a real treat, IMO, take the boat to Fort Wilderness and have lunch at Trail’s End. It’s a hidden gem.

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According to MDE Trail’s End is not open for lunch?

That’s what I see too, closed noon-4:30. But it’s still interesting to hear everyone’s opinions! We have 2 MK days and the first one, we’ll be leaving at 6 when MVMCP starts so I can put all these ideas to good use!

It’s very hard to choose! I’m hoarding ADR’s like nobody’s business right now. :shushing_face:

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I’m sorry, I thought it was! I know I’ve eaten lunch there before but it was many, MANY moons ago.

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California Grill. Make reservations for an hour before the fireworks at MK. Request a good table by the window. They pipe in the entire soundtrack for the fireworks so you can sit in the warmth and watch with good food and drink.

Edit- I didn’t read very well did I? I still think CG would be good but not 1 TS. I would probably go with Kona cafe or Chef Mickeys or something close to MK.

It’s on my list… but since we booked with only 3 months to go, I don’t expect to get a fireworks reservation. I’m trying, though!