What's your favorite thing that's NOT on a touring plan?


Looking in the window at Christopher Robin’s room, and browsing the tea shop at the U.K. pavilion. V

Shopping in the soap store at GF, sitting in the lobby listening to the pianist and band, watching the Princess parade.

Making a wish at Cinderella’s wishing well.

Listening to the sounds from the windows in Harambe Village.

Reading all the window signs down Main St, and also DHS (Hollywood Blvd).

Photo with Walt and Mickey

Watching the sun rise and also set over Bay Lake.

Riding a boat around Bay Lake, watching the geyser erupt at WL, coffee and a cupcake upstairs at WL above the main door. Looking at the train models and photos in the Carolwoodg Pacific Room at BRV.

Visiting the horses at FW (they’ll be moving soon, hopefully they will still be open to visit).


It would be my oldest. It wasn’t, of course, because we were not there. But if we were… He breaks almost everything he touches. Never on purpose but it just “happens”. All the time. We can’t have nice things.

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We did Poly and AKL last trip this trip we are eating at GF, WL, and CR (CM and CG)

We did a DVC tour of AKL last year and this year WL. What a better way to see these resorts then a DVC tour 3 anytime FP and a gift card too.


Don’t set the alarm clock, have the front desk give a wake up call you never know who will be calling.:astonished::smiley:


The Electrical Water Pageant - WDW’s oldest parade.


Walking along the Sassagoula River at POR in the late evening. It’s so tranquil with old fashion street lamps and the lovely architecture of Magnolia Bend.


I like the lines . Not waiting on them, but seeing them. I get a huge kick out of Dinosaur, Haunted Mansion, EE, and TT.

For me there’s something about driving through the gates to WDW property that always seems to start my vacation off with a little magic. It’s especially nice if you can have a little When You Wish Upon a Star playing as a makeshift soundtrack.


Oh, good one. I love these old school Disney things. Wish they’d bring back the Main Street Electrical parade.


Don’t even joke about this!!! That was the best thing ever next to my wedding and the birth of my DD. (I had to add that in case one of them sees this post) :shushing_face: I remember buying the 45 of the music when I was a teen.

Thanks I just had to play it on U-tube.

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Oh, my friend, it was no joke. If they announced the return of the parade, I would probably book a trip just to see the first show of the relaunch.

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This one’s on the list! Good to know it’s worth waiting around for.

Watch it from the Poly beach!

This is exactly what we’re doing. We have a dinner reservation at Ohana and plan to go out on the beach after. We have never done this so I am very much looking forward to it!

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Perfect plan. Pick up a dole whip at the Pineapple Lanai and sit on the beach and watch the water pageant… it’s my idea of a perfect night at WDW. (Disclaimer: it’s an old school show and older kids might not be impressed, but my 4 year old loved it and I still love it after my first visit 35 years ago!)


I love me some jumping fountains. I don’t know why those aren’t in every mall and water park in the country.

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Renting a Sea Raycer at Poly and cruising around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake


Our favorite unplanned moment from this last trip was running into “DiVine.” So cool! https://www.instagram.com/p/ByI39gegAL4/

Regardless, I’m realizing how important it is to be able to go with the flow sometimes and not just dash from attraction to attraction.


Watching Gaston meet and greets. Hands down DD’s favorite. She could sit for hours.