What's your favorite moderate resort and why?

I love CSR Business Class for room location, pool and concierge-type amenities and POFQ for the boat to DTD, the small size and of course the beignets!


CBR and POR are my favorites. Love the lush tropical feel of CBR and the space of the resort. You really feel like you are not on property. Some people will not like the size of the resort though, or the fact that there are Full beds in the rooms, not Queen size, though rumored to be changing. Pirate pool is awesome fun! POR I love the mansions and again the theme of the resort.

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POR. Love the pool bar, the walking paths, the Mansions and Boatwrights has great Cajun food!

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PORS for the following reasons:

  • Food court is the best! Very generous portions, well run and efficient.
  • Simply a beautiful place to be; well manicured and tended grounds, the buildings and very well themed and main building is welcoming
  • YeeHaBob in the River Roost lounge is a top-notch entertainer for the whole family
  • Excellent arcade
  • Boat to DTD is nice, but even just being on the river with the boat traffic is enchanting
  • Horse and carriage - love the sound on the pathways
  • Royal Rooms make me feel like a 40+ yo princess
  • Fishing excursions
  • Table Service at Boatwrights is respectable option
  • Walking distance to Hurricanes at POFQ
  • Pool hop to POFQ without worrying about breaking the rules
  • Movies on the grass outside the mansion house
  • Because Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie


All good points @magicmn! @mousecoachjenn and I shared a Royal room last:-) year and it's hard to stop pressing the button for the headboard fireworks smile


I have two. CSR, especially business class, if I can get a good AP or bounceback rate. I think it's the most "deluxe" feeling of all the mods. I also really like POFQ - mainly due to the small size, the location and the landscaping. I love that the hot tub is tucked away in the trees and kind of secluded from the main pool (unlike POR). However, lately FOFQ has been more expensive and WDW has been excluding it from some discount offers. I haven't stayed at CBR in the last 15 years so don't really have an opinion on that one. When I do stay at POR, I prefer the mansion rooms over alligator bayou.

Port Orleans French Quarter. It's nice and quiet. It's so peaceful walking on the sidewalks listening to jazz music. Those beignets are to die for!

We stayed last summer at Riverside, and enjoyed the fifth spot to sleep. My wife even took a turn one night on it. While it was bigger, and difficult to completely find our way, we stayed at Pop previously, and found it manageable. I also really liked the staff there. Older, but quite pleasant.

POR for all the reasons stated above, but mainly for us because we are a family of 5 and queen sized beds. Although I have heard recently that they are adding some of these to CBR.

I've only been to WDW once, and we stayed at POR - Alligator Bayou - because Liners recommended it. We loved it! I'd like to try other moderates someday so I'll have a set of experiences for comparison. Doesn't seem fair to say I have a favorite when I've only tried one. smile

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Trying CSR first time in dec

POFQ. The size is small yet there is a lot to do. You are also just a short walk to Riverside.

So far my fav is POR - for all the reasons listed - and also I loved the horse-drawn carriage ride !

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@MagicMN Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie too!! I was disappointed that I had to stay in AB instead of Tara!

Only stayed at POR and CBR, but prefer POR over CBR. The layout is better, foodcourt options are incredible (I'm looking at you build-your-own pasta), refill station has cherry coke (don't do regular coke), my family of 5 can fit! I do like the pool better at CBR for kids though. They have a great splash zone for littles.

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I also like CSR as my favorite moderate, but have not stayed at POFQ, which gets lots of love. I found CSR to be quiet, relaxing, and the food was good.

POR. Best food court, boat to downtown Disney is nice option, like the quiet pools and never had have bad service from desk or mousekeeping there.

I preferred CSR over POFQ because the room looked a bit more elegant and I didn't really like the theming in the lobby & food court area at POFQ. One bus stop was nice but there was always a queue (we always got on though). Although we had a walk to the lobby, we had a bus stop right outside our building at CSR which was very convenient and despite my concerns the multiple stops went quickly. CSR has a better pool/slide too so dc were happy. I did miss the boat to DTD and the food was little better.

@MagicMN Gone With The Wind is also my favorite movie!!!

We really like POR mansion rooms. The resort is so peaceful and serene. The food court is awesome as it has something for everybody, yeehaw Bob for entertainment, too many things to list