What's your favorite free podcast (downloads to your android automatically) app?


Any advice appreciated. As noted, we only have android phones.


Podcast The Ride! It’s less serious than most theme park podcasts, but if you are a theme park enthusiast / “nerd” these guys will crack you up.

I also listen to Disney Dish (of course!) for my news. A lot of the other podcasts are very / too similar to each other. IMHO

Also, some of the podcasts take themselves too seriously. They have a tiny bit of internet fame that makes them believe they are the only true fans / voice.

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Hey there @darkmite2 - which platform / app do you use? I want to be able to download podcasts to my phone to listen to (when out of a network area). I have an android phone.


Stitcher on my android phone. It’s free at the Google Play store. I originally misunderstood and thought you wanted show suggestions.


I go back and forth between Stitcher and Spotify. I can’t seem to get the Disney Dish on Spotify but most others are on there so I use Stitcher for those I can’t get.

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IMO - There’s not a lot I can’t get on Stitcher. I’m a former Howl subscriber for one of their exclusive shows I wanted to hear the entire run of, so when I was done it was an easy transition.

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I agree that I could probably get everything on Stitcher. I just have a few Spotify integrations (our Bose products, etc) so I am more often in that app and kind of just like it a little bit better. But I could just be using Stitcher wrong!

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I have an android phone and I use Google Music for my podcasts. I have several podcasts that I have subscribed under “Your Podcasts”. You have the option to auto-download the latest 3 podcasts.

My favorite is The Jim Hill Media Network. You get all the Jim Hill podcasts, Disney Dish with @len Testa, Looking at Lucasfilm, Fine Tooning, Marvel Us Disney, Universal Joint and I Want That. Super informative about all things Disney and Disney related information.

My next favorite is The Be Our Guest Podcast. They are travel agents by trade and provide really good information about visiting WDW.


I use Beyondpod on my Android. Someone on here recommended it is how I ended up with it.

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I was a long time Beyondpod user, but the last few releases borked their virtual audio book feed, then it kept crashing things when connected to my cars Android Auto, so I have to uninstall it.

These days I’m very much liking PocketCasts - I wish there were a few changes to it (like allowing me to just view downloaded podcasts, vs having to see all unplayed), but overall I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10.

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