What's your favorite CM interactions?

One of the more fun parts of planning my first trip was reading about all the amazing cast members that we interact with that added that extra touch of magic to the vacations. My favorite story was probably still the one with a cast member acting like a long-lost nanny or something after a 2-year break between visits (I do not remember the exact details, but it was fantastic).

As I gear up for another trip, I figured another collection of new(er) stories would be a great. What has been your favorite cast member interaction?

I have several: The BOG Lady, the guy on the Peter Pan ride, the bus-stop operator and bus driver… but I guess my favorite was probably the one that involved the day(s) I went to get a button-badge for my trip (those who read my trip report already know this one).

So In the basket of buttons, there are several predetermined ones: First Timer, Newly Wed, Just Graduated, a general “I’m celebrating…” etc… As I looked over the buttons, the cast member asked what I am commemorating. But when I didn’t fit any of the categories and couldn’t think of anything for the generic one, I left to go about my day without a button. Disappointed but not thinking too much of it.

A few days later on the last day of my trip, I was walking down Main Street for the final time and noticed this same cast member handing out buttons again to the guests. As I mulled over my entire time here at WDW, I realized I had something to “celebrate” and happily walked over to get myself a button.

As I walked up, I would become shocked when she recognized me from earlier in the week, especially when one considers how many guests she must have interacted with throughout that time.

“You here earlier in the week wern you?” She said in her Spanish accent.
“Yeah, I uh… I… “ I stammered out.
“You couln think of what button to say. You think of one?” She asked.
“Yeah, that was me.” I said, snapping out of my shock “I finally figured out what to put on one. Do you have any of the blank ones left?” I asked, and she nodded and immediately reached for a blank one and for the sharpie pen and handed both to me.

As I wrote down what I was celebrating, out of the corner of my eye I saw her watching me write, and she gave the best reaction I could’ve hoped for: she just smiled a big smile. As I finished up the message (which was just simply “A Successful Vacation”), and handed her back the pen, she simply nodded approval.

She asked me then if I was leaving and I told her I was and that it was my final day. She wished me a safe trip home and I expressed my deepest thanks and for the button.


On our first trip to Disney we decided to do the EMH at AK. We have 5 kids under 12 and it had been a long day (RD @ MK). We had gotten into the pin trading so the kids all got new ones before we left MK. You knw the big ones that are like $18. We got off the bus and head to the entrance. We all swiped our MB’s and all of a sudden our DS7 started crying and said he lost his new pin. Well DW started asking him what happened. He was hysterical at this point so one of the CM’s came up and asked what was going on. We told her and then just kind of walked away. We got well into the park when she came back up to us with the pin in hand. Her and 2 other CM’s went all the way back to the bus stop flashlights in hand and found it. It was truly magical. I was sold on the whole Disney dream after that. That could and would never happen anywhere else. I should have gotten her name and turned it into customer service for what they did. If she ever reads this… THANK YOU!!!