What's your favorite bit of Magic you have at home with you?

I love all things Disney, but when I get to the parks, or Disney Springs, or even the Disney Store, I PANIC! I never know what to buy.

Mine? Other than my plethora of coffee mugs, which goes without saying,

  1. glass christmas tree with mickey ear ornaments my son (17) gave me for Christmas
  2. our full set of mom, dad, girl, boy Mickey Ears Beach towels
  3. from just last year, my mickey ear salt and pepper shakers.

Just a quick survey, with pics, if possible, of your favorite Disney branded Stuff?

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We cant make it very often to WDW (we’re Canadians) But we usually buy one nice souvenir. And almost every time it has been at Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers. Crystal wine glasses,(we use almost daily) Mickey and Minnies, Cinderella’s castle. All displayed prominently. We have several Christmas ornaments and also a salt & pepper shaker. Buy something nice. years from now you wont miss the money you spent, but you will always have the memories.


I have an entire Christmas tree of Mickey ear ornaments.

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I get ornaments, and now have almost a whole Disney tree. Last year I got a wine glass from WS with the skyline of the countries etched around the glass.

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@donald263 As a fellow Canadian I relate to not getting to WDW as much as we’d like. I love the idea of picking up wine glasses that you can use everyday! I enjoy my coffee every morning in my Small World mug, why not my daily glass of red?


My mugs, Christmas tree ornaments and my pocketbooks come to mind…but my favorite are definitely the pieces of jewelry I pick up!

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I want to know more about your jewelry - I usually buy too cheap and they do not last…do tell.

My mug, which I can only drink out of when I’m planning my next Disney Vacation (talk about chuggin’ some kool aid!).

And my Disney ball cap and hoodie.

The hat:

(Hah, now that I’m looking at it, I just realized while this was supposed to be a picture of all souvenirs, both my hoodie and mug aren’t pictured. )


I usually buy the cheap stuff, too! Last time, I splurged a bit at Arribas brothers on a necklace and pair of earrings - I plan to add a ring to the mix when I go next month! I usually try to get something a little ‘mickey’ understated so it’s work appropriate - folks have to really look at it closely to see it’s Disney.

On a sad, slightly related note, my home was broken into at the end of last year and most of my Disney jewelry was stolen. I’ve been slowly replacing it each trip I’ve taken since then and got some for Christmas last year as well! But it did give me a good reason to go out and shop!

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These are literally called pieces of magic - $10 for 6 in a shop in Hollywood Studios (I think it was Mickeys of Hollywood, if that’s the name of a shop!).

The top 3 have writing on the back too -

I love them! I mainly buy T shirts because they’re easy to get home.


OMG, I love these! I’m buying them. They will be perfect for my kids who are not coming on my upcoming trip, but LOVE WDW (they are both in college).


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Cracking me up! Love the hat! cant wait to get my Halloween party bracelet!! Thanks!

I have two of the Mickey ear hat ornaments. They hang in my office at work. An original version and the Haunted Mansion version.

For those of you that have Disney Christmas trees, have you ever considered making a garland out of old Magic Bands? I’m considering doing that this year, but I’m afraid it will be too heavy. Or maybe I’ll make them into a wreath.

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A wreath would be cool! I think I agree the garland would be too heavy, unless you have a large fake tree.

Would love to see what you come up with

My favourite is a Swarovski Dumbo that I bought back in 1989 in the Magic Kingdom specialty shop. It was a limited edition at a time when there weren’t any other Disney Swarovskis. I love it.


I bought these on my last trip, too! I found them at the World of Disney Store in DS. I’ve given little pieces of magic to my niece as we were at a theme park so they would help her be brave on the rides!


That’s cute!

We buy a nice Christmas ornament each year. I also really love a Mickey vase that my husband bought for me on our last trip. It has mickeys, yet it’s elegant and not over the top Disney. I keep it in my office with some fake flowers in it. It makes me smile every day.


A wreath sounds cool. I have seen people display them on a bar with the mickey hands on both sides. How many do you think it would take to make a wreath? Id love to see your ideas!