What's up with the Dessert Parties?

Hi there. First timer here (as an adult planning and paying). My kids are HUGE Star Wars fans and I am just noticing the Symphony in the Stars show. Are these dessert parties worth the $? Is it truly all you can eat and drink, even alcoholic drinks, during that time? Is the spot for the show all that better? Do characters make appearances? I would cancel a couple of other dinner reservations at places I am not too hopped up on so that we can do this instead, but what do you all think and has anyone gone to this party/show yet? Thoughts?

it hasn’t started yet but there is no seating and no Characters The views of fireworks are supposed to be good if its same area as previous years but too much $$$ for us. My 2 kids would be disney adults and no way am I paying that for them to stand and eat a few cupcake You can see the fireworks from other areas just as well.

I have been to one Dessert Party and if the Star Wars one follows suit, there is no alcohol. The free drinks are coffee and lemonade…something like that.

There is not any alcohol at the dessert parties in MK but I believe the ones in HS and definitely the EP Sparkling Dessert Party have alcohol.

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To me the best reason for a dessert party is too get away from crowds. So depending on the time of year we go I either pick a party or not. Since we usually go for Easter, Presidents weekend or Chriatmas season, we usually have one dessert party. My most recent was in HS to view Osbourne lights and this was my favorite for 2 reasons 1) it was really crowded the night we were there and I loved viewing without being pushed and shoved. 2) this one had seats (unlike EP) The desserts are average, the drinks were very tasty and they were alcoholic. It is only MK that does not have alcohol at their dessert parties. I have been to Wishes dessert party and EP also (both outside and in due to rain) I prefer to sit down so EP is last on my list. I just signed up for the Starwars one in HS in February, no seats so I will not be as happy, but there will be crowds the weekend we are going so it is worth it for me not to get pushed around

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I’ve never done a dessert party but we were just at DHS and enjoyed the fireworks show in a great location I learned about from another liner. We were able to sit along Echo Lake in the area right in front of 50s Prime Time. My vote would be to grab cupcakes at Starring Rolls and watch from there. I hope you have a great trip!

We recently made reservations for the dessert party and I noticed that it did say there will be alcoholic beverage options (not sure how many options or how many drinks it includes but surely it must be something for $69 each).
I’m not sure what to think about the park hours and show times though. DHS supposedly closes at 7 the night of our reservation, but the Fantasmic showtime says 7:30 and that’s when the dessert party starts. Anyone know how long it usually takes Disney to sort out all of that? I’d Iike to see both shows…

The desert party will start an hour before the fireworks You will not be able to do Fantasmic and the dessert party in the same night as far as I know as they are on at the same time.