What's up with Chefs de France?

Is it closed or refurbishing or something? Here I am doing my ADRs and it has “no times available”… ever.

I think I’m going to give Restaurant Marrakesh a try instead… how is it? I was considering San Angel Inn, but we are a lot more likely to have mexican any ol’ time than we are mediterranean. :slight_smile:

Maybe Candlelight Processional packages have booked it out, if you’re going during those.

No, we aren’t until January. But I mean, when I bring up the restaurant page, there are NO times available. Nothing. From now, through Jan 11 (our last day).

Never mind… it’s back! I SWEAR I’m not losing my mind, lol. It must have been a glitch!


I just did a random search for some dates in August at Chefs de France and found plenty of times. I checked as far out as I can go (jan 2) and found some times too. Maybe try a different browser?

oh, just saw your last post. nevermind

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Thanks so much for checking it out for me! :blush: I appreciate the help. :smiley:

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No problem. You had me curious as well :smiley:. Just glad you found it and that it was just a glitch!

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Impossible. Disney’s website and app always function perfectly. They have gone all their days without a single glitch ever.


It’s not a glitch, it’s a feature. By having to search multiple times across your entire trip duration before finding a slot you are ensuring that you have fully considered all possibilities before booking.


you are definitely not losing your mind. this stuff happens a lot on mde

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