What's this? A private A&E party at Epcot for purchase?


It's held at Epcot but not being organized by Disney. Kenny the Pirate is promoting it. http://kennythepirate.com/2014/08/25/my-royal-coronation-offers-disney-world-guests-a-breakfast-with-anna-and-elsa24265/


Shouldn't you just ask Kenny?


It's a private event hosted by several TA groups. They've paid to "rent" the space and have the characters appear. One day only. If I had a little one and no other extras planned I'd shell out the cash. It is expensive but worth not having the A&E FPP stress and you get some food etc.


Wow, $80 per person! They're making some serious coin off of families who have cash to burn. I can't even begin to imagine doing this... over $300 for 90 minutes of breakfast for a family of 4.


I doubt they are making much... Disney is charging them for a space, the characters, and the food... I'm sure there is some mark up but I think it's more of a marketing idea...


This is not the first one there have been a couple subsidized by TA's mostly available if you book with them, this one seems to be open to everyone willing to plop down the $.

I'd like to know how many people are included. I ran the theoretical #'s in my head and they are not making money off this unless WDW decided to heavily discount their fee for characters to appear, which I seriously doubt.


@pirategirl007 What is the WDW fee for characters to appear?


They need to do this the first week of November...just a suggestion angel