What's the weirdest thing you pack?

So making my packing list way too early as per my usual, and it got me thinking - outside of the normal clothes and sunscreen, what do you travel with that isn’t on normal packing lists?

For me, its a full sized 12 cup coffee maker. The DH and I are serious coffee drinkers, and the thought of having to walk to the lobby to get mediocre coffee is horrible. Granted, we haven’t been there since they got rid of the Nescafe, but still having one shipped down so we can wake up properly.
We went cross country last summer on Amtrack, and lived out of back packs for 2 weeks+ and still brought French press mugs and bags of coffee so I realize we are not normal people on this.

Also, when we stay in a moderate, we buy extra soft and fluffy TP for the room so we don’t have to use the crunchy scratchy stuff. Our bottoms deserve a vacation too.

So, am I alone in bringing weird things?


It is hard to consider something weird as it has been on mt packing list for many trips now. But I do pack a velcro set of closet shelves so there us enough room for everything.

Oh, that is a wonderful idea! I’ll have to put that on my list of things to pack this week!

Oh, i like the shelves idea!
I’m prob getting one of those shoe organizers this time to go over the door for the odds and ends that somehow wind up all over the place.


Several boxes of 3 ply tissues. My DH has sneezing fits that would blow those hotel things into pieces.

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I have an elasticated chord clothes line with hook-on clips at either end, and a dozen or so clips that can slide along but not detach. It’s about 3 foot long.

I got it years ago to take on holiday, and it’s useful for hanging stuff that I don’t want to put in a dryer. Special finish t-shirts, bras etc., even swim wear.

Couldn’t find it for latest trip and ended up with stuff draped on the towel and shower rails.

Also I bring tea bags from the uk lol!

Until I started going to an Irish grocery store by me (NYC), I never realized the difference from US tea… I got quite a shock the first time I tried the UK version! Can totally understand needing to bring your own.

I may have to look for a similar cord - doing lots of water parks this trip and hate wet swim suits draped everywhere

I traveled last month with my son and his girlfriend. I knew she was a keeper when she unpacked her fan and sound machine :grinning:. I, on the other hand, have the “magic suitcase”. Every day they asked for something new- scissors, extra deodorant, toothbrushes, nail clipper, moleskin…everything but the kitchen sink.


We pack a small suitcase in our large suitcase so that we have an extra one to bring souvenirs home - is that weird or just normal? :slight_smile:


I’d say that’s normal!

We tend to put an empty hold-all in, but for the same reason. Useful for the lumpy stuff too, like the refill mugs, light sabres and shoes making the packing easier for the trip home.

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I don’t think I pack anything weird, just wanted to chip in and say I was dreading using the toilet paper at POFQ because I’d read so many times that it was horrible, but it was completely normal!

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Recent trips, we have rented a villa and buy groceries so I’ve brought small things that I don’t want to buy tons of individual condiments packets, crystal lite, plastic ware, ziplock baggies, Stevia, etc. Villas have coffee makers but I pack my own to-go coffee cup.

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I have a portable pop up laundry hamper that I’ll be bringing this summer for dirty clothes, along with the hanging shelves mentioned above. I don’t think its strange to want to bring good tp- I’d bring it to work with me if I could!


We only buy 100% recycled TP in these parts, so we could wipe with a honey badger and be fine.


The 12 cup coffee maker is an awesome idea not because I would do it per se, but because your commitment to coffee is respectable. My favorite snack item is a quad venti anything at Starbucks when we have the meal plan.


Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask you…you mentioned in your trip report having a quad venti macchiato at AK…one of my favorites on the DDP as we’ll…but does quad mean 4 shots of espresso?

We did the pop up laundry last trip…so helpful!!

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Definitely, 4 shots. May as well go full leaded.:wink:

As a snack is doesn’t matter either which is clutch. I’d bet there’s not a more expensive “snack” in the D.

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The pop ups laundry hamper i have done for years.

I also do the shoe organizer. I bring decorations for my room and window. The multi outlet strip.

Last time i had to buy an hdmi cable from target so i could connect my laptop to the tv and watch our netflix account.

Always pack a duffle bag for the bulky stuff we buy.

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