What's the oldest age you would consider getting a stroller for a kid?


Very good point. We never take breaks, maybe that’s why we love our stroller so much ! :slight_smile:


Yes. This is us.

This is NOT us. Admittedly, it is mostly me. I can’t handle it. We’re generally out of the parks in time to dinner outside the parks, back at our rental, then use evenings to swim and recuperate for the next day! :slight_smile:


This is not us most days. We typically do one open to close day a trip, but other than that we don’t feel the need to wear ourselves out getting there early and staying late. We do one or the other. It’s our vacation and we want to have fun and not feel like we need another vacation because we are exhausted from a Disney vacation. I also don’t mind going somewhat at my kids’ pace, rather than have them in a stroller. You get to see more from their perspective. That’s just how we do things on our trips. I know not everyone sees it the same way.


I think you are more the norm.

I feel like any minute the park is open that we are not accomplishing something we are throwing money away. I have a very narrow view on getting a good return for my investment. I can (and do get to) rest at home.

I think far more people travel like you do than I do. :sunglasses:


The oldest age I would consider getting a stroller for my kid(s) would be probably 8 or 9.


What about renting a wagon instead? Then there isn’t as much of the “baby” association as having a stroller, but you still have somewhere that the kids can sit down if they need to and a place to store bags, etc.


Yeah good point ! Last Nov. I saw people with insane ‘‘turbo’’ wagons with roofs and bags and coolers of water and all sorts of stuff attached. Must have been difficult to navigate but the kids sure looked comfy !


Room for an old lady do you think? I could be wheeled from the bar to the hotel. :wink:


Hahahaha…the old lady would need to have short legs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It looked something like this:


All okay?


I have short legs! I am only 5 foot 4/ 163 cms. And the old legs still bend :wink:.


Technically wagons are not allowed. But there are these monstrosities that have a push feature making them technically not wagons that people are using these days.

But they are wagons. And I wish Disney would call it


That thing.



I remember seeing a couple of little girls sharing a wheelchair (the push kind). They got to use the wheelchair lane, but both were quite active and able to walk (not saying there wasn’t an issue, just not an obvious one). Anyway, these girls were probably 10ish, maybe 9 and 10 and slim, so they both fit in the one chair. For them, it worked better than any stroller.


I thought about renting a single for our boys (6/8) for this past trip but didn’t. Figured I’d rent one in the parks if it became an issue. There were only two times I would have used it. One was MVMCP when my youngest was just done. H took him back to the hotel while the older one and I soldiered on until 1am. It was a great memory of a really precious few hours that wouldn’t have been the same if we’d had a stroller and all stuck together. H and the younger one were happy to bail on the party.

The other time was the next night at AK for effectively DAH-AK. Again the younger one asked to go home at 7:30 (that’s about two hours before his normal bedtime). We pushed through and he was fine once we got onto rides, it was just whining during a waiting window.

So, see how it goes but I really liked not having to deal with the stroller. I carried our bag of stuff and we got each boy a cross body holder for their water bottle (but stopped bothering with them after the second park day - hydration wasn’t an issue in December and I took juice boxes into the parks for them).

My friend, who is my personal Disney expert, last rented a stroller when her son was 12. So two years ago. Oh - and this trip that now 14yo (and her 16yo) spent our last two park days carrying around my kids. So I guess I did have a kind of human stroller.


I only saw this our last day and was pretty shocked they were allowed in. Didn’t realize they had a push feature.

ETA: that was for the wagons. They were annoying to navigate around.


We did a day without strollers and regretted it, the kids are 5 and 7. The issue isn’t that they couldn’t walk for a day, but that combined with standing in long lines made them tired towards the evening. On another day we got one and they would switch, but of course, they always felt like sitting down at the exact same time… So, after that we just ended up getting two which worked the best for us. I’d rather let them save their energy a bit throughout the day and not be as tired in the evening. Of course, this also depends on how much you move around, we tend to move quite a bit.

fwiw, my daughter who was 7 didn’t mind using it as it was her choice. she did say that she didn’t need one in the morning, but I told her I’ll just put my backpack in it. After that she didn’t care and was happy to use it every now and then.

The downside of course is having to park them and push through crowds which can be annoying, but we were there christmas week and still managed.


We’re renting a push wagon from Main Street Strollers for our 6.5 year old. We plan to stay all day most days and pack our lunches. Maybe he won’t use it, but it was less expensive to rent this than a Disney stroller, and we’ll be happy with a place to shed layers and carry water and food throughout the day. Figured it couldn’t hurt to have, and if we abandon it, we abandon it. I’m pretty frugal, but this $100 is such a small percentage of our total cost, it seemed worth it to us.


We rented one for my 4YO nephew and sure enough the 9 and 7 year old crammed in too any chance they got!!! Perfectly fit and perfectly capable of walking but they are like puppies…always on top of each other anyway and had soooooo much fun! I never would have rented one in a million years for the 9 year old but they are some of our favorite pictures and memories😂 I guess my point is do what works no judgement!


The Keenz? Would you mind posting your experience with the wagon when you return? I’ve been intrigued since seeing a YouTube video. I am concerned about how compact it is when its collapsed for bus and boat rides.

Thank you!