What's the maximum length of stay allowed?

I have a friend who is trying to book a stay longer than 14 consecutive days at a single on-property resort.

Does anyone know where to find information regarding how long you can book a single vacation?

Also, does this apply to trailers at Fort Wilderness? They’re considering that option as well.

US residents can book a maximum of 14 consecutive days on a single reservation. Longer stays require multiple consecutive reservations; if staying at the same resort, talk to the resort to see if you can keep the same room/lot (you should be able to, as assignments are typically made in the last few days before check-in).

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Thanks, Kevin!

If it is a room only reservation you can book for longer. I have a 27 day reservation at Fort Wilderness Campground that I booked by phone.

I was just talking to a Disney agent about this. I was telling her if we won the big lottery I promised my kids a year at WDW. She said there are people with an RV that will stay for a couple months at Fort Wilderness,so apparently it can be done. I would call direct though.