What's the latest you've snagged a BOG reservation?

As of today it’s 75 days until I’m standing in MK gazing in awe at Cinderella’s castle.

I check for reservations at BOG every day, but no luck.

What do you think my chances are?

Do you have an ADR finder going? Things will start to open up as people finalize their FPP and therefore plans 60ish, 30ish, week of, night before are prime dropping times.


I’ve never heard of an ADR finder. It sounds ideal!

It is here on Touring Plans. Go to your dash board, it’s towards the bottom to the right. I will find you a link in just a bit.

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The advanced dining reservation tool on here has worked really well for me. I put in a couple of searches, one for dinner, one for lunch, both at BOG, earlier this week. We are going early next month by the way, about 29 days away now. I’ve gotten several hits on these, and locked up a nice lunch reservation. I’ve also missed out a few times, as I didn’t see the email/text come in until an hour or more later, and by then those openings were gone.


We got a BOG lunch reservation less than week out using the reservation finder.

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I got a dinner ADR for a party of 4 a few days before our trip.

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Yep use that finder! I got one a couple weeks ago for 8:15 on a 9 o’clock opening for this coming Friday. Used reservation finder


We managed to get a ADR for 8 people 3 weeks before our holiday date just kept on checking i do think it’s more luck than anything hope you get something :+1:


I’ve seen BOG reservations all the time, but not when I would want to go. I don’t need a 9:30am breakfast or a 2pm lunch. People book up the pre-RD BOG as soon as they’re available. That said, definitely use the reservation finder. One thing to know, though is that the finder will tell you something is available, but it’s up to you to get to the Disney reservations page and book it before it goes to someone else. The finder only tells you it’s there when they saw it. It doesn’t reserve it for you or guarantee it’ll be there ever 10 minutes later. So keep watching for that notice from the finder.

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Is BOG worth it?

Dining isn’t a huge priority but I’ve got some nice ones (Tiffins and Brown Derby – partly to get priority show seats).

I’ve got a firm Crystal Palace (woohoo!). I’m fishing for BOG or Cinderella to replace it. Mostly I’ll be winging counter service.

Initially I was not going to do BOG at all - mostly because it’s just my husband and I, and I didn’t want to subject him to the mania as he is not as big of a Disney lover as I am :slight_smile: Same reason we decided to forgo any character dining.

We booked a BOG breakfast primarily because of the Pre-RD option. It gets us in early, which for him means beating the mass of people at RD and for me means magical empty Main Street and Fantasyland. It also gets us a look inside the castle without the hoopla of the dinner crowd.

From all accounts I’ve read, the food for breakfast and lunch is nothing to write home about but decent if you’re wanting to get a look at what is apparently the best themed restaurant at WDW.

If you have an ADR before 9AM park opening (it doesn’t work on 8AM opening days) they let you in and just seat you on a first come first serve basis. So if you have a 8:15 or 8:45 you’re on an even playing field. Most people seem to get in and out in about a half hour if they pre-order their food before getting there - with the occasional exception. That’s what gives you the jump on the RD crowd.

We’ll be experiencing it first hand on Friday this week. My expectation is slightly better than average food that affords us a more relaxed start to the day by getting us a step ahead of the RD crowd. If we get that, I’ll count it as worth it.

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Big difference between BOG and CRT! What mealtime are you trying for (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? Are you using DP credits for it? BOG is CS for breakfast & lunch, TS for supper. You can pre-order the CS ones and make it a short meal, for far less money than CRT. but no characters. Beast is only there for supper. CRT is 2 credits for every meal and reservations must be paid in advance. But it has princesses at every meal and it’s the castle!! It all depends on what is important to you.

You can always do a brief reservation at BOG and just get a dessert, if you only want to see the inside but eat meals elsewhere.


For me it’s more about the experience than the food. So the theming and, to a lesser extent, the character interaction.

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I am pretty sure this is not the norm, but on our last trip DH & I were able to snag a reservation the day before we wanted to use it as we had a reservation planned for another place but ended up spending the afternoon in MK. Also, for what it is worth I wasn’t a big fan of BOG food - lunch or dinner, but my DH very much enjoyed the dinner moreso than the lunch. I do suggest if you want to just check it out, I’d go during lunch time because you can order a cupcake and walk around and explore the whole castle.

Actually, not me, but one of my friends snagged a dinner for three the night before. It’s that cancellation window that does it, I believe. I figure some families who have been multiple times may change their park plans and decide to drop the reservation. We got our pre RD breakfast reservation just three weeks out.


BOG reservation for 10.15am breakfast – found through my own perseverance!



BOG does not have characters at breakfast or lunch. Beast visits at Dinner only.

Sounds like there is a big difference between the dinner and lunch/breakfast experiences. keep at it