What's the latest you can be to a ADR?

We have a 9:30am TH reservation at AK and will try to RD NRJ & KS in EMH before that. TP has us getting to breakfast around 9:45. Obviously the earlier we arrive at RD the better chance we have at not being late to TH, but what would be the latest we could reasonably arrive without them cancelling our reservation?

They won’t cancel your reservation, even if you’re late they will try to fit you in - an ADR, despite the name, isn’t really a reservation for a specific time. What they may do is charge you the no show fee. Some say if you’re over 15 mins late, some say HRH only charge at the end of the day. So keep your receipt and go to the front desk to have the charge removed if it appears. I think you’ll be fine though.