What's the first thing you buy?

Here’s a fun game for the people opting to wait to do the parks until “after” covid. Or maybe the people who are there/going will get some ideas or talk about what they chose.

What is it you’re looking forward to most when you do go back? Attractions or items. What’s first on the list?

Mine is, when we went a lot-ish while my DS was a toddler, I would get him a balloon to put on the stroller. The stroller is long gone, but I still want that stupid balloon in my hotel room for the duration of the trip. To me, it’ll symbolize “vacation” and will serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the trip.

Other Must Do’s,

  1. See GE and TSL for the first time and consequently do RotR and SDD.
  2. I’ve seen Pandora, but haven’t been able to do FoP yet.
  3. Peach tea and egg rolls from the China Pavillion and a pretzel from German Pavillion.
  4. UOR-Hagrids and after the tummy settles, Butterbeer and Flaming Moe!

This past Fall I watched the rest of the SW saga and am currently catching up on Mandolorian. I was a firm believer that we should have left well enough alone and kept the movies at 4, 5, 6 and that was it. 1,2 and 3 did not help change that, but I absolutely fell in love with Rey and the rest in the final trilogy.

I never liked Mark Hamil. I know, I suck, I just never thought he could act his way out of a paper bag let alone handle a role as iconic as his. He was too whiney and such an overactor. Bleh. I didn’t feel that at all with the last 3 movies (except for a few scenes with Hamil in it!) I can’t wait to go back and do GE and actually understand the references better knowing I’ve seen everything.


Do I have to actually answer this? I think everyone knows my answer.

Truly, though, it won’t be first on the list. But when I get there you bet your butt I am not leaving until I am good and ready.

-looking forward to SWGE (have not been yet) with my SW fans. Still thinking about watching the movies and spouting off stuff since they know I’m not a fan
-looking forward to MMRR
-hoping Ratatouille is open
-dying for some of my favorite dining experiences


I’m going in May and the figurative first thing I’m doing is riding RotR! (In a literal sense, it will be on day 6 of my 14-day trip, but then I’ll hopefully have 3-4 chances to ride after that.)

First thing to buy: churro! I’ve heard WDW’s aren’t as good as DLR, but it’ll have to do.

Literal first thing we are doing: Flight of Passage. My wife and I have ridden but my kids and SIL have not. We are starting our trip at AKL so it made the most sense to go to AK first.

I love all of the Star Wars movies, including Mark Hamill, but I get where you’re coming from on that. He was a little wooden / whiny in Episode IV. But I like his arc and how much he grows, both in the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy. But it’s Rey who really shines in the sequel trilogy, along with Kylo / Ben. (I adore the prequels, too.)


Yours was the only constant I knew I could count on, and I love that!

I forgot about MMRR and Ratatouille! I feel so unprepared going into this next trip. Even though I was just there 4 years ago, it feels like I’m doing it for the first time.


Yes! I personally don’t like him, but I can’t see anyone else doing it either. It’s weird. But so is my head half the time. I just go with it now.

The churro’s even smell better in DLR! No joke. You’ll understand when you get to WDW.

BTW, I just read the full menu offerings for DCA’s Taste of Disney, I really hope you’re able to get those tickets! The food looks…amazing.

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Me too! They still haven’t said anything about timing, other than March 4th. I’m stressing out. :cold_sweat:

I’ve had the WDW churros before, but I don’t remember what they tasted like! I didn’t hear that they weren’t as good until later, so I didn’t think to compare. If they weren’t as good, I must have just thought it was a stale one or something.

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I so feel this on so many levels! My kids however really like the sequels, but I think it is mostly Padme that they enjoy.

And to answer the question I can’t wait to ride ROTR and get another alcoholic space beverage at Oga’s.

Oh, and also the kiddos will be 7 by the time we go back so my DH and I can kick them to the back of the MF and fly it ourselves! As we are both actual pilots it was heart breaking to sit in a seat that wasn’t the pilot/copilot seat while the littles crashed us into damn near everything.


Question: what is THE MOST POPULAR order in which to watch the SW movies? I know there are many schools of thought but which is the most popular order?

4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9


This is not only the “most popular” order; it’s also the proper order.



I can’t even imagine!



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I agree with this. 4-6 is the main classic story that can stand on its own. Then 1-3 and 7-9 are more afterthoughts that touch on the before and after links to the original story, but the 4-6 foundation should be viewed and understood first.

ETA: Even better is 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


<<<<<<< aww shucks, thanks! :rofl:


My DH and I disagree on this. He think’s in chronological order, I do it as stated above.

4,5,6 does a phenomenal job in setting the stage for the rest of the movies. You feel like you’re coming into the middle of something, but in the best possible way. Then 1,2,3 “backfills” the empty spaces while 7,8,9 are just fun and amazing and a really great continuance.

There are also a few filler movies. I still need to see Solo, the only one I missed.


In terms of the things I’m most excited about, there are a few - just walking down Main Street and seeing the castle up ahead! Wandering through Baatu taking in the sights. The World Showcase.

What am I buying? A Dole Whip, and then the lemon slush vodka drink from the France pavillion.


I love all of these ideas!

There is nothing in the world like walking down Main Street.


Suppose someone didn’t know the titles…


I always watch them in chronological order:


I just have to watch A New Hope right after Rogue One - it begs for it. And Rogue One is one of my absolute favorites.

That said, the Machete Order (4-6,1-3,7-9) is probably the most popular.

Edit: Technically the Machete Order is 4,5,2,3,6,(1) (was made before sequels or anthology films) but the above is basically a modified version.


Our first day will be AK, ribs from HM will be our first stop bc we are arriving around 1-2pm. My DD19 loved, loved the ribs so much it has been her only request for eating. I’m most thrilled about day 2, walking up to Main Street and watching my 1st time people see the Castle. I loved seeing the girls faces the first time we saw it, I’m hoping I see the same amazement on the 1st timers when we arrive in the park. Our first fun purchase will be Ears. Not very original, but fun to choose!