What's the best piece of advice that you've ever gotten from TP/Liners?

I was thinking back on all my Disney vacations over the last however many years and how much better they all were due to advice from TP and fellow Liners. If you had to pick one, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from this site? Either something that made a huge difference or something unique that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere.


My favourite piece of advice is how to optimize downtime. Before touring plans, I would optimize my time in the parks best as possible - finding short lines, convenient meals, etc.

After touring plans, I also look at optimizing the downtime - planning better breaks in the day, sit-down meals, and other wonderful opportunities to recharge and enjoy the whole vacation, not just the ‘in-park’ time.


Take the big ferry from MK to TTC and walk to Poly at end of night when the monorail and small ferries are jammed. Got to see a rocket launch on the way, too!


I had to think for a while before I answered my own question.

The most unique thing that was a big deal to me was all the information about how to ride RotR when it was brand new. People here (sorry I forget who) had really specific data, and as a data person, I appreciate that level of detail. We went to HS in early 2019 armed with everything we needed to know and we able to ride it two separate days.


Leading reservations have allowed us to get all dining reservations we wanted with ease and no stress of waking up early, BG1 and additional daily drop times of G+ have saved us hours in lines and allowed for us to ride everything we wanted, renting points for DVC has saved us boucoup money and allowed us to visit nicer resorts in our stays, and always with restaurant and hotel recommendations has also helped improve our stays. The Hotwire posts allowed me stay in CSR for $99/night and make a last minute trip for just myself which showed me the beauty of a solo vacation. Really there is probably more but this is just off the top of my head…ya’ll are amazing. *And also ya’ll just enable so therefore, I’ve had more trips with more packed into them!


Oh that’s good. The doc someone wrote was amazing step by step advice.


There’s been lots of great advice, so I’d struggle to narrow to just one…but this one is DEFINITELY up there at or near the top.

I was able to secure rides on RotR 3 times, BG 2, BG 5, and BG 12.


Best advice: wait 90 seconds before responding to anything.

At least, I think it was 90 seconds.

Probably not Disney related but it’s good advice.

If we’re just doing Disney, probably what I read in my first ever unofficial guide waaay back when: zag when everyone else is zigging.

Or maybe it’s the other way around. :thinking:


I know what you meant by this…but I can’t help but chuckle if we took this as an absolute about everything.

“I’d like a number four with Diet Coke.”

“Fries, or onion rings?”

…long pause…

“Sir? Fries or onions rings?”

…checking clock. Still 75 seconds to go…

“Hello? Sir…can you hear me?”

…65 seconds…

“I think something’s wrong. Maybe they left.”

…Continuing to wait…

“Welcome to Burger King, go ahead with your order when ready.”

“Oh…uh…I ordered a number 4 with Diet Coke.”

“Would you like Fries or Onion Rings?”

…down to 20 seconds…



“Why don’t you pull around to the window and I can complete your order?”

…5 more seconds, pulling forward to window…

“Onion rings. Thanks.”


That is good.

Back when FPP was a thing I learned about drop times here. Then I started tracking them. I still haven’t deleted my alarms to remind me to check them


Drop times.


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Cooling towels in summer, after years at local theme parks, I never knew about these. Take your time and take breaks. Side attractions are great for relaxing.


Not from a liner but in July when I had lunch at Steakhouse 71 I told the waitress that I couldn’t get a dinner reservation. The menu is different. She told me if you arrive a couple of minutes before they reopen at 5 pm you may be able to get a table


Landry’s card - I had never known about these and there’s a Rainforest Cafe in AC we like to visit as well so its turned out super useful in other places.


We like to show up at this time at Sanaa so we always get a window seat on the savannah :blush:


To really take in Animal Kingdom. Try things I previously wouldn’t have “made time for” like Animation Experience (after all, I’m a terrible artist! But I loved this) and Nomad Lounge. Now it’s my favorite park (I’m still bristling at all of you over on the “unpopular opinion” post and your “glorified zoo”)

Priceline Express tricks to find out the hotel have been a huge help.

And especially the company. The companionship. I like a whole lot of people whom I may never meet.



I wish this emoji were big enough to show how much my heart swells reading this!!


Poncho up and Liner on! Rainy days are the best.