What's the best cupcake/dessert at BOG?

We’re going to BOG in the afternoon bc I want to go ( for the experience) , and I convinced the kids we could just get dessert. Keep in mind my son has a peanut allergy and have never been able to eat a safe cupcake out, but these are all safe for him, so it is a huge treat. I plan on buying a bunch so they can pig out. Anyone have a favorite.

following!!! my plan is master’s cupcake for breakfast and the little strawberry one at lunch. From reviews that I read those are some crowd faves :slight_smile:

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The strawberry one was DIVINE when I had it in November.


I think I have tried them all and I agree with the strawberry. Often we get an eclair too.

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We were there on Monday and had the strawberry, triple chocolate and Master’s cupcake and they were all delicious. My favourites were the strawberry and the masters. So, so good!