What's open at Boardwalk?

Has anyone stayed at Boardwalk Villas recently? My niece and I are headed down the week after spring break and our original plan to stay at Poly 4/12-4/15 has been changed to Poly 4/11-4/15, and then either Boardwalk Villas or Saratoga Springs 4/15-4/17. I love Boardwalk, but we’ll be in a studio (so no full kitchen) and it would be a pain if there’s nothing open at the resort like we found at Jambo House in October (where there was literally nothing except the pool open… even the desk was a ghost town most of the time).

The bakery, Trattoria, and Big River are open at BW; Ale and Compass and Marketplace at BC/YC, and all of Swan/Dolphin? What am I missing?

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Pizza? The cart? Also, the stores inside the hotel?

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The large gift shop/retail shop (I forget the name) was open when I was there 2 weeks ago.

Lots and plenty of food and drink options.

I love love love Jambo, but sadly I would not advise it right now given how little was open

But Boardwalk, and BC/YC --plus Swan and Dolphin – plenty


Oh! I saw the pizza window but no carts?

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Beaches and Cream, the pool bar at storm-a-long

also Abracadabar. Not that there is food, but just for completeness :slight_smile:


Great info, thanks friends. Looks like Boardwalk is the winner!

Also, the pool bar at Stormalong would be great, but are they allowing pool hopping there right now?

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You can go to the bar without getting into the pool area. There is a separate gate