What's October like for those NOT doing HHN?

All of my favorite social media and vloggers are clearly having a blast with the media events for HHN. But all the event-exclusive snacks and drinks have got me curious: what do USF and IOA look like during the day during Halloween season? We’re planning on being out of the parks by about 5-6 on an HHN night. Do they do seasonal treats during the day? Am I going to be fleeing scarecrows in Springfield? (Not the stilt walker scarecrow. Just ordinary scarecrows sitting on hay bales. I have formidophobia and even the “cute” ones scare me.) Or will it be more like “eat a pumpkin pasty and pretend it’s special for Halloween?” I guess what I’m asking is does Universal do seasonal treats and decor like Disney, or do they save it for the party?

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I am also curious about this. I do not like to be scared by humans or things - so I will definitely be hopping over to IOA well before HHN begins.


Found a little bit of information. This 2021 article from Forbes gives some details about what the parks are like during the day.
“Not-So-Scary Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Universal Orlando” https://www.forbes.com/sites/julietremaine/2021/10/30/not-so-scary-ways-to-celebrate-halloween-at-universal-orlando/amp/

It also clued me in to the fact that I’m going to have to learn to cope with my scarecrow fear because the parks are so saturated with scarecrows that they made a scavenger hunt out of them! I think I may buy the Scarecrow Stalk map for two reasons: to get that cute Lil’ Boo suncatcher, and to gird my loins for scarecrows in every gift shop. I will also avoid peeking into the Scarecrow: Cursed Soil scare zone in Central Park.

They sometimes open the HHN food booths early, but it’s not guaranteed. The Tribute Store will have some special HHN snacks though.

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Well, scratch that. I just realized where that scare zone is. Guess I’ll be smiling through terror on my way to E.T. or to watch Animal Actors on Stage!

Thank you! Sorry, for the late reply but I got mesmerized by YouTube videos of the Tribute Store while I was composing last week and didn’t realize that I never responded. I added the store to my plan, because that’s become a must-do!

No problem! I either forgot about this or didn’t expect a reply, enjoy!

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