What's new since March 2015?

I read the 2014 version of The Unofficial Guide to Walk Disney World for a March 2015 trip. There doesn’t seem to be an annotation to show me what has changed since then in each subsequent edition (unless I missed it?). I’ve gathered that A&E are at Epcot, Frozen Ever After will open maybe May 1st, there is an Inside Out character meet and greet at Hollywood studios. Anything else? We are going back in November 2016. TIA

Back bits of Holly closed (Cars show) to build Star Wars stuff. New Star Wars stuff at Holly: Launch Bay and a day show and fireworks w/music. By November, could be more evening stuff at AK.

You can get purple magic bands now!

They did away with the jalapeno pretzels. :frowning:

By November Rivers of Light “should” be open at AK, and along with it, the night-time safari and some other shows/activities. Tiffin’s, the new signature restaurant there should also be open.

Frozen Ever After, the A&E M&G, and Soarin’ 2.0 should all be opening somewhere between the end of May and the beginning of July; lots of conflicting rumors with no official info from Disney.

Skipper’s Canteen (a new TS) is open in AL in the MK. Both Tortuga Tavern and Pecos Bill’s have new (and quite different) menus. The hub redevelopment/expansion is complete, but they have discontinued FPPs for Wishes. By November, the new castle show should also be running.

There is going to be a new Star Wars themed fireworks/projection show debuting at DHS “sometime” this summer; I don’t know if a specific date has been announced (I don’t plan on going back until 2017, so I haven’t really been following all of the dates very closely). The Animation Courtyard has been replaced with the Star Wars Launch Bay.

In DS, The Boathouse, Jake Lindsey’s Hanger Bar, and Morimoto Asia are all new, and by November there should be a couple more new restaurants open. They keep adding new shops, but I haven’t been keeping up with all of that.

They’ve also been experimenting with ticketed events for early opening/late closing events (kind of like additional EMHs that you pay - a lot - for). Not sure how successful they’ll be, so I don’t know if they’ll still be around in Nov. I’m sure there will be a lot of updates here and in the chat room.

As for closed, DHS is the only park where this is an issue. The Backlot Tour and Lights Motors Action have both closed, as well as the whole Streets of America section, except for the Muppets, which is still open. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground is also closed. Pizza Planet is closed for a major renovation; not sure if it will be reopened in a new form (most people are assuming Muppet-themed) by Nov or not. Writers Stop has a new menu, and may or may not still be open in November. All other rides/shows are still open, and I have not heard anything to indicate that they will close between now and November.

And of course during November, the Christmas decorations all go up (typically parks first, then resorts); everything should be in place by Thanksgiving.

That’s all I can think of off hand…


Thank you so much, especially @bswan26. That’s so very helpful.