What's grand about the Grand Floridian?

We are deciding where to stay for a week in August. We love YC, but are thinking about GF. What do you like about GF? We love SAB; will the GF pools pale in comparison?
thanks for any opinions!

GF has a wonderful splash area for kiddos. SAB is the best, though.

I can answer my own question – I just looked at the drink menu for Mizner’s. Please and thank you!
Anything else?

sheer convenience

Being so close to MK is great - short Monorail ride over & boat trip back. You can do a late night trip to MK and be walking down Main Street in 15 minutes. Nice rooms, great views, luxurious feel. Pool is good, although I didn’t feel it was great. Tons of food options is nice. I loved experiencing it once - not sure I’d be willing to pay the premium for it often, especially on a long trip, but it would be tempting and if $ wasn’t an issue it’s a no-brainer to try at least once.

Thank you for the responses. We’re really excited about staying there.

We’ve now stayed at the Grand Floridian, so I thought I would share my thoughts.

Our room was in Conch Key, on the third floor. I was happy with the location. It was close to the boat dock and not a far walk to the main building and the food court. The room was lovely. We had a deck overlooking the marina area with a monorail view (room 7319). The room was not quiet. The AC was very quiet, so you couldn’t use it to down out noise. We heard quite a bit of noise from the hallway and adjacent rooms. Also, lots of noise from the boat, Electrical Water Pageant and the train at MK. The fireworks sound like an aerial bombardment.

We enjoyed having so many options for dining at the resort. We ate at the Grand Floridian Cafe (liked it!), Narcoses (liked it!) and had afternoon tea at the Garden View Tea Room. The tea is a lovely experience. More expensive than I anticipated but my daughter and I had a wonderful time.

The food court was disappointing. We appreciated that it was open 24 hours but it was not well-stocked compared to POR or CBR.

There are two pools, the Courtyard Pool, which is a quiet pool, and the Beach Pool, which has the water slide and poolside activities. We didn’t enjoy the Beach Pool as much. It was crowded and not many places to sit. The water slide was great, though. We spent most of our time in the Courtyard Pool. It was spacious, but very shallow. Nice pool bar.

We got an excellent rate through Magical Vacations Travel. We wouldn’t have stayed there otherwise. Loved the location on the monorail. No issues with the monorail while we were there; service was great.


I’ve found that the QS locations in Deluxe resorts tend to be underwhelming in general, compared to Moderate or Value resorts. I’m guessing that it’s because the Deluxes have more other dining options, so the QS is minimal.

My main reason for preferring YC over GF (aside from SAB) would be that YC is all one building (and connected to BC too), so you don’t have to go outside to get to any of the shops or other services, whereas you’re always going be in a completely separate building at GF (unless you’re Main Bldg club level) so if it’s pouring then you’ll be walking in the rain to get to ANYTHING.