What's going on with my HS touring plan wait times

So… I just got an email with some crowd level prediction changes. The day I am to be in Hollywood studios decreased from 6 to 4. I thought I’d re-evaluate my touring plan to see if there was any change (I thought maybe some wait times would be down a bit!). Anyway, the exact opposite happened. Some of my wait times tripled. I went from having a short wait for alien swirling saucers at rope drop and then just over 20 minutes for toy story mania, to 35 minutes and 80 minutes. I don’t get it, because even yesterday on a crowd level 10 day it wasn’t an 80 minute wait around that time. Is this a glitch? Or is there something going on as far as expected waits that I don’t understand?

I was just reading some of the information on the blog post from TP. It appears that HS is very busy in the morning due to people vying for BP for RotR and trying to get to SDD and the Falcon. By evening HS has much lower crowds. That would explain the higher waits in the morning.

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Have the park hours changed too? And if so, did you change the hours of your plan?

If the park now opens at 8am instead of 9am, but your plan is still starting at 9am, there is an hour’s worth more people in front of you.

Double check all the parameters of your plan. And also check the overall wait time of your plan. The Optimiser will try and give you the lowest overall wait time, even if the wait time is longer for certain rides.


Yes it seems it’s the morning wait times that are so different - if I optimize, or just look at other wait times it is better - it’s just the early morning part…so now upon closer looking at least that’s good! There is no change in park hours (at least yet).

I still feel something is strange though - even the last week with crowd level 10s toy story mania is only reaching over 80 minute edits between 2.5-4h after opening - so I can’t see his on a crowd level 4 day they think it’s going to be 83 minutes st 9:03!!

Our HS tour day went from 7 to 8, but doesn’t appear to have changed anything. A couple of days ago, it looked like the 4-6 rides we want to do work best if we start our tour around lunchtime. I couldn’t commit to that plan because I recall how nice the parks can be, even on 10 days, during the first couple of hours before the crowds get there. I may need to adapt.