What's Beach Club like?

Booked a room at Beach Club for my wife and I in May. Never been there at all. Heard great things, but nothing specific about why it’s so good. I’d love to hear from people that have stayed there what their opinions are about it.

What did you like?
What did you dislike?
What’s the best features/things to do there?
Would you stay there again?

Obviously it is close to Epcot and HS, so no need to list that as a feature. That was my number one reason for selecting it.


My husband and I stayed at BC for our anniversary in 2014. We loved the pool - being just the two of us we didn’t really consider the pool, but we had a great time floating in the lazy river. If you like coffee we ordered a press pot from room service. It was the highlight of our trip - not kidding. We had a British former butler bring it up and we were treated like royalty. He put on a show and seriously it was the best pot of coffee we have ever had. His name was Marty - ask if he is still there! The press pot was 6.95 I think and we will never forget that time. The ice cream at Beaches and Cream is great. The people in the next room (a group of guys) were pretty loud, but when I told them we could hear everything they were saying they were quiet and I never heard them again. BC was really awesome for a couple.

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My DH and I stayed once about 10 years ago, also because it was so close to Epcot and they were offering 30% on standard studio villas at the time. When we got there, they upgraded us for free to a one-bedroom villa! Just felt beachy and classy but relaxed at the same time. Back then, we loved the Cape May Cafe seafood buffet, but it’s been meh since. The villas were so close to the Epcot entrance. 5 minute walk and we were at the gate.

I have stayed at the BC a couple of times but not since the rooms were re-done. The rooms are a good size and I love the balcony rooms. One trip I received a free upgrade to CL pool view! The location is amazing! Being able to walk to two parks is such a treat! Also, the whole area- especially at night is beautiful. I will say that I have a very negative experience with some CMs and the way I was treated. Funny, I never complained to anyone about it and some people like to tease me that I am on the Disney “list”- since I have been upgraded almost every single stay since that visit to the BC (I did return- and my CL upgrade happened). I expect someone my have notice- but it was the only time I have ever just wanted to sit in a lobby and cry (for some weird reason they could not “find” my room and a couple of CMs acted like I had no right to check into BC). I finally got to check in after 6:00 after I watched hundreds of other people get rooms and my one request was not filled. (Oh yeah- I was told hey we’re busy with guests- they had a convention).

We have stayed at BC or YC for the last 4 years and are going back again in October - we are a family of 5 with 3 teenage daughters - as you can tell we love the resort. The main things that bring us back are

  1. The general ambiance. We find the relaxed, understated luxury is just right for us. We found the GF too formal for us - we feel at home in the BC
  2. The pool - just great to relax by, have a few drinks at Hurricane Hannah’s or just float round in the lazy river. Usually a water-volleyball game going on of you want to join in that
  3. The location - not only Epcot and HS, but also next to the Boardwalk which is great for a relaxing walk or enjoying the entertainment in the evening
  4. Proximity to great restaurants - within 15 minutes you have all of Epcot, the swan/Dolphin, the Flying Fish, the Yachtsman, Crews Cup and Cape May - a great choice of places to eat that don’t involve any travelling by car/bus or boat.
    5.Beaches and Cream - great ice cream take-out

Hope this helps - I am sure you will have a great time.

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We will never stay anywhere else as a family. The pool is amazing, and being able to walk to both HS and EP is awesome. Just popping over to eat in world showcase is so nice.

It’s just so…grand feeling without feeling stuffy. The view is so pretty.

The only negative is that I thought the walls were super thin- you would have thought that they were the same walls that the seedy roach motel used, beacuse we could hear spoiled rotten Grace next door and every whine and whimper…which there was A LOT of. And her mom sounded just like the nanny. But that’s literally the only negative thing we had to say.