Whats a realistic NYE plan for group including 10 year old in 2021

So our original thought was get in MK and expect to spend the day. but… the more we think about it… we dont LOVE crowds, not a huge issue but not going to really be into that part.
We will have a 10 year old with us who probably wont last and be happy in the park for what 15 hours.
We aren’t staying at a disney resort.

We are happy to pay extra to get something different… resort events? fireworks party? fireworks cruise?

Also open to different parks I guess just not really sure what to do with ourselves.

Staying all day in a three park doesn’t appeal to us either. I’d definitely book a dessert party and not stay all day in the park. Arrive later. And if you don’t like crowds I’d book a dinner at DHS and avoid MK/EP that night.

There are fireworks at MK and Epcot at 6:30 so that is an earlier alternative if you don’t want to go all day.

We will be there NYE and don’t really care for crowds either. It will just be me, DH and DD11. My plan is for a 6:50 Citricos dinner and catch the 6;30 MK fireworks across the lake.

Then if we want to usher in the New Year we are going to hop to HS, which is open until midnight but will not have the same crowds.

In 2019 AK stayed open until midnight with a dance party and countdown. That would be my top choice (we are staying at AKL).

Citricos is our one really nice meal and will also count as my birthday celebration (3 days later). I :heart: Mary Poppins. But you could also go to one of the less spendy monorail restaurants for a fireworks set up.

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