"Whatever just happened...blame it on the pig." - My September Pre-Trip and Trip Report **BREAKING NEWS ON 8/21**

All the excitement began when we got the school calendar for 2018-2019… I discovered that Rosh Hashanah falls on a Monday and Tuesday (Sunday sunset-Tuesday sunset technically). That meant I could have 3ish days at Disney - and that would “pay off” my AP I upgraded to in February!!

So I started looking! Food and Wine!!! Hooray!!! AND Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party?? BONUS!!!

I contacted my TA about a room!!

I think this one started at Port Orleans…I forget which one. But quickly moved to Coronado Springs for a savings. Then a look at my tentative plans and a change to Pop.

Started talking with a friend who I’m going to meet up with for MNSSHP, and ordered a costume - Hermione Granger. I know she’s Universal, but still. I love her!

Started making tentative ADRs…and changing them…and changing them…

Ooh, a discount came out? Let me see… Nope. Still better off where I am.

Go on a cruise to Greece with my friend and we start discussing the fact that MNSSHP is going to be in September. In Orlando. Suddenly my robe-covered costume is not sounding so much fun. I begin thinking of options.

My FP+ day happens to be when I am flying back from Rome…and the WiFi on the plane does not want to get me even to the point where it could take my money and not work. So I’m stuck waiting until we land to get those. Oh well. I didn’t want to go to Toy Story Land anyway. And I guess I’ll just plan to hit Flight of Passage at the end of the day.

And let’s look at rates and availability just to see… OOH! Music is now available at the discounted rate! And it’s less than Pop! Like $60ish less!! That’s a couple of meals worth!! (At least a QS and a buffet!) Contact the TA (again) and get changed.

So… At 54 days out, here are the plans…

9/7 - Fly out of NYC at 9pm, landing scheduled at 11:59…but usually flights from NYC are pretty early. Fingers crossed. Take DME to Music (no luggage worries…it’s a short trip…carry-on will work nicely), stop at the desk to decline mousekeeping, and crash!

9/8 - I GOT PASSHOLDER PLAY TIME!!! I’ll be tired, but my little butt will be at Studios before 7:45 to check in for the 8-9 slot. Do TSL and eat breakfast at Woody’s Lunch Box (though I really with they offered both menus all day…I’ll make do with the seemingly way too sweet S’mores French Toast - which they can do on gluten-free bread!!).
Head to Epcot via the walkway and International Gateway. Work my way round Future World from that direction.

FP+ -
12pm - Spaceship Earth
1pm - Mission Space
2:10pm - Frozen Ever After

Grab a snack or two from F&W booths.

Dinner ADR at Spice Road Table at 8:30. Will this be ok for Illuminations? Or should I go for the 8:15 one?

Back to Music to crash.

9/9…MK Day
Currently have an 8am BOG ADR. Contemplating just grabbing something at Music…but we’ll see. If I keep it, the plan is to head to Peter Pan right at 9 and get in line for that. Not sure if EMM will mess that plan up or not.

FP+ -
9:20 - Cinderella/Elena
10:20 - Rapunzel/Tiana
11:20 - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The plan is to meet up with my friend after this to get lunch. I’ve got an ADR for Skipper Canteen in case she bails or is going to be later. If not, we will probably go either to the Poly or the Contemporary for a QS lunch.

At some point change into our costumes. We both have APs, so we can go in whenever and then just do the check-in for wristbands or whatever they do this year. And get our allergy treat bags - she is diabetic and I am gluten-free and allergic to peanuts.

Oh! Costume!! Hermione is out. I’m now going to be Bounding as Moana!! I got the cutest orange (peachy, but still in the vein) tank-type top (I sadly cannot do tube tops) and tan linen shorts!! I have a small plush Pua who will come with me. I’ll bun my hair on top of my head. Whee!!! Sooooooooo much cooler than those robes would have been!! (And because Moana…that’s where the TR title came from!)

Back to Music to crash after MNSSHP!

9/10… Animal Kingdom
Planning a late-ish start today to get a little rest.

9:00am - Boma “brunch”

Head to Animal Kingdom

FP+ -
11am - Meet Disney Pals
12:45pm - Safaris
3:25pm - Flight of Passage
I’ll plan to hit Na’vi either before of after Flight. (I’ve done them both and love them both, so I don’t have a strong “Must do this one first” feeling like my trip in February where I definitely wanted to do Na’vi first.

Evening is undecided. I may hang out in Animal Kingdom and eat either at Satu’li or Nomad Lounge. Or I may head to Disney Springs and walk around (I’ll make an Open Table reservation somewhere so i can cancel last minute if I want). OR I may head back to Epcot for Illuminations (assuming it’s still going on in September…if so, I’m really leaning towards this plan to get my probable last viewing in since everything I’m hearing seems to point towards “See it while you can…” - or if it’s not and I love what they have in its place when I see it on Saturday night…)

9/11 - Tragical Express around 6:30am to get back to NYC so I’m set for school on Wednesday.

So… It’ll be a whirlwind trip, but I’m super excited!!


What color Magic Band should I get to coordinate as Moana? (I have a pink and a purple I can use, so I figure I’ll pick this one to coordinate for MNSSHP.)

Orange - to go with the top?

Blue - to represent the ocean?

One of the others?


Orange magic band!

I always go with my knee jerk reaction on fashion choices!

My new AP magic band:

It matches a pair of sparkly shoes I just finished and all the dresses I wore last week!

Love your plan. I too saw the AP rate and just booked a tentative Sept trip for a Monday-Thursday. I may have friends tagging along, but I may also be solo.

Non-stop from LAX is only $174, and I NEED one more long haul before December to hit a bonus…LOL.

Any way to justify, right?! Not sure if I’ll do a party though. Tempting!


Nice band!!

Assuming my friend comes for the party, it will just be for that. She’s a teacher also, but in Florida, so she has to work Monday (I think). LOL.


I would say blue will coordinate nicely with your outfit and pull in the ocean theme. Do you have flower ears?


No. I tend to stay away from the ears with bows - not a Minnie fan. Plus headbands make my head hurt.

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I vote for orange! You could also probably pick up a heart of Te Fiti necklace off Etsy or something too. I hope you post pictures!


Will definitely do so! :slight_smile:


I was thinking the ears that look like a garland of flowers around the top of your head (no bows)- but Moana really only has one if any, right? So definitely not essential to the outfit/.


Ah, gotcha!

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Ok. A couple of minor changes and some decisions!!

Magic Band shall be Orange! I will take my Pink and Purple ones as well in case I want to mix it up!

I changed my Meet Disney Pals FP+ at Animal Kingdom to ROL. If I decide I want to hop back to Epcot for Illuminations (I’m living on hope here…), I can change it to something else - but if not, I’d really like to see ROL again. I will just plan ahead and bring soda and maybe snacks in with me. The only problem with traveling solo is if you don’t think ahead, you’re stuck. Happened in February. I didn’t think about it until people around me either came in with soda (or adult beverages) and popcorn (or ice cream) or got seats and sent one member of the party out to get stuff. And then ALL I wanted was popcorn and something to drink. But being solo, there was no one to hold my seat. :frowning:

Removed the BOG breakfast. I’d rather have the option of sleeping in a little if my body cooperates - and I’ll grab something at Music. Extra advantage is I can get the refillable mug and use it at wherever we have lunch since that is either Captain Cook’s or Contempo.

Also, I was looking at Saturday morning which will be early with a 7:45 check-in time at Studios for Play Time. The food court at Music opens at 6:30. I will plan to be there at opening and grab a refillable mug. Fill it, and either grab a bus or a Lyft to get to Studios. Do Play Time and not stress about eating there. Walk over to Epcot around 9 and stop into Beach Club Marketplace to get breakfast and use the mug on my way!

Further updates as events warrant!


OK… Things are getting more finalized… Here is how they stand now…

Staying: All Star Music
Magic Band: Orange

grab a refillable mug as soon as the food court opens, then check about buses or just grab a lyft to Stusiod
8-9 Passholder Play Time in TSL
either grab breakfast at Woody’s (not 100% on this as that s’mores French Toast looks uber sweet) or at Beach Club Marketplace as I’m walking to Epcot.
Epcot for the rest of the day with these initial FP+
12pm - Spaceship Earth
1pm - Mission Space
2:10pm - Frozen Ever After

8:25am - Crystal Palace breakfast!! Snagged this one - I adore Pooh and characters, and it’ll be a solution to my friend wanting to get meatballs at Captain Cook’s - I’ll eat enough to not need to get lunch! But with my mug I can get soda.
Magic Kingdom Initial Fastpasses
9:20am - Cinderella and Elena
10:20am - Rapunzel and Tiana
11:20am - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Meet up with my friend for lunch, then head in for afternoon fun and MNSSHP.

9:00am - Boma breakfast (this may possibly change to just breakfast at Music…but likely not - I adore Boma)
Animal Kingdom with initial FP+ as
11:30am - Disney Pals
12:45pm - Safaris
3:25pm - Flight of Passage
Probably food in Satu’li!! Whether I add in Nomad Lounge depends largely on if breakfast is at Boma or Music.



That is difficult. You still have time to practice smiling and charmingly asking someone to keep your seat or go to buy a drink for you. Sometimes you have to be cheeky!


Another option for 9/8 for breakfast would be Boardwalk Bakery on your way back. I actually prefer the options at the bakery, so just throwing it out there!

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If I wasn’t gluten-free, that would be a great option. :slight_smile:

So my friend informed me last night that she has a training that got date changed so that it would interfere with MNSSHP for her. She might be able to get out of it, but might not. I told her i’ll miss her, but understand if she can’t make it.

I will still go and have a blast!

I’m thinking about lunch options for that Sunday now…I have BOG, but pondering trying something new and maybe hopping a bus to POFQ. Or taking the monorail to GF. For counter service. (Contempo is also a possibility.) I think I might be leaning towards FQ to check out the resort as I often toy with staying there but have never followed all the way through - if I get to booking it, i’ve inevitably changed it. So maybe visiting would convince me since most people love it. Thoughts?

Also pondering throwing Bongos in the night of the 10th since the rumors of it closing are apparently swirling again (and I love the Estefans’ other restaurants in Miami. It would also let me head to Disney Springs for a bit also.

Further updates as events warrant.


You may have even more fun on your own. You can be spontaneous with no need to consider anyone else’s pleasure but your own.

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Very true!

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Thanks to some unexpected money I’m getting, I’m contemplating upgrading my room from All Star Music…

The less expensive pondering are POR Royal Room Standard View or POFQ River View.
OR for a (kinda sizable) bit more, I could do Yacht Club Garden/Woods View.

The biggest advantage of Yacht Club is I have Passholder Play Time in TSL at 8am my first morning there, and my flight is not scheduled to land until midnight. So being able to sleep in a little and not having to worry about transportation that morning is a big plus. BUT on the flip side, I’m not planning to be in the room that much, so I’m not sure it’s really worth it.

The plus side for my TA is either way, I’m increasing what I’m paying, so that should bump her commission up a bit. :smiley: She deserves it for putting up with me and my changes!!

Any thoughts?


This sounds like a fun trip! If it’s manageable the convenience might be worth it for yacht club-- I know that’s always my deciding factor!

Edit-- I’ve never stayed there but looks so nice. Is on my list for “some day”