What would you use a PIN code on?

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After years of never getting a PIN code, my husband got one in the e-mail last week. We know we want to use it, but we don’t know what we should use it on.

Since we moved here in April our stays have been:
1 week Old Key West (while waiting on the movers to deliver furniture)
July 4th weekend at Beach Club (club level)
Labor Day weekend at Fort Wilderness

We have scheduled:
Wine and Dine race weekend at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani)
Reunion Weekend at Beach Club
Marathon Weekend at Old Key West

The times that the PIN code is offering means probably little time at the pool. We would be staying for a weekend (check in Friday, check out Monday) because we’re doing the local thing. The party traveling is myself, my husband, and DD4.

So… any ideas where to stay and why? It’s burning a hole in our pockets! (And don’t let where we’ve stayed in the past scare you away from suggesting a value or a moderate either – we happened to stay at those places because we got good deals and/or were staying on points!)

A weekend at the Grand Floridian would be a luxury splurge, especially if you only did Magic Kingdom.

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I would say just pick one you haven’t tried yet. Maybe BW? I really want to stay there for some reason. You have so many food choices within walking distance plus you’re practically at the gates of EP which is my favorite park!

How do you know if you have a PIN code? I got a package from WDW with a special website code for my family, but I’m not sure what to do with it. What’s it look like? What’s it worth?

I have always wanted to stay at the Grand Floridian. I’d choose that!

What we got was a fairly standard e-mail, but it had a “unique offer code” below the normal ad. When you click on the “get details” button in the e-mail, you’re taken to a web site where you have to verify your name and zip code to see the actual offers.

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