What would you rope drop at HS?

We will be in DHS either July 3,4, or 5 and (assuming corona takes herself out of the picture). We’re staying offsite, so im considering the scenario that we aren’t going to be able to obtain FP for MFSR, MMRR, or SDD. If that becomes reality, which one would you rope drop? I’ve played with the touring plan software a little bit, and it doesn’t seem incredibly advantageous one way or another really. Was hoping some firsthand knowledge might clarify. Thanks in advance for your input.

This has come up a few times recently. The general consensus is to RD to SDD. This is due to it’s long load time and much smaller hourly capacity. Plus, the SDD queue is all outside with almost no / very little shade.

In comparison, MF:SR can host a few hundred more ppl each hour in multiple vehicles, has an indoor queue and great show scenes to pass the time.


Thanks! That makes perfect sense!

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